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About 9 years ago today I went to visit my dad across the border in Nuevo Laredo. That day I was speaking to my dad, and he was telling me about this storage room in the back of his house. He said that he wanted to turn it into a business place, and he had some of the tools to do so and make Mexican pottery. Then he told me he had some of the things he wanted to recreate already done, and he wanted me to have one, so I went with him to the shed at the back of the house.

While there I was helping him move things around to get to what he was looking for. Suddenly I felt a strong presence looking as if I was not supposed to be there. I felt very uncomfortable, so I got out and waited for my father by the door. A few days ago my brother took these pictures claiming he could see lights floating around that shed and that he has seen a woman appear to them in her 50s. Then he posted the pictures he took pointing out the lights and some formations of a white cloud that make out a face. When I looked at the pictures he took I didn't make out a face. However, after looking at a long piece of wood that seems to be across up and down the door I noticed a woman standing there looking out!

I immediately pointed it out to my brother who has the original picture, and he too could see the woman clearly standing by the door looking out. The weirdest thing about it is that the woman has the same face features of my step mom and my step sister, and they are very much alive still and also live in that house. I cropped the picture to point out where I see the ghostly lady. The picture still looks very clear her whole face is just there. Prior to this picture 9 years ago I had no idea this was happening in their residence. - Ghost picture submitted by Letty

Comment by anonymous:
I don't see anything.

Comment by Gabe:
I can see the woman, and I can see a skeleton holding a baby.

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This happened to me last night 9/16/13. I went to see The Wolverine with my kids and husband, it was almost empty so we sat in the very last row next to the entrance of theater #7, and once the movie started like 20 min later I felt someone looking at me but I didn't turn since there could be people passing through behind me so I thought. But the feeling would not leave so I turned to one side behind me and nothing! Ok! I kept looking at the movie and ignored it.
Then I smelled a very strong odor of popcorn right next to me, I could feel the warm of the steam like it was fresh popcorn, unlike the one they sell there it smelled like the popcorn they sell in the Mexican theaters which smells different. So normally I thought it was a person next to me, so I turned all the way back, and there is this area on the back of the very top of the viewers head over on the corner of where the movie projector is, and in the corner I saw a guy sitting there with his legs hanging down.
So I though what the hell is he doing up there, he might fall and left it at that, I thought it's probably the projector guy.. I turned back to see the movie, and after a while I got curious to look back again because I had just gotten back from the rest room and he was now standing up looking down, then turned to look at me and I freaked out, tried to avoid his stare. I could see him very clearly in the dark. Odd I though to myself still looking up at him, I blinked and he just vanished. When I realized that he vanished my heart jumped. I got scared, I didn't even enjoy the movie after that .

And I know I'm not supposed to take my phone out because it's rude but I was on the one before the very back row, and no one behind us so I did it anyway. I tried to hide it so I turned off the flash and turned it on to take multiple shots with a feature my cell has and I took pics of the hole area around where I was. Put away my cell and kept it to my self.
I came home, put my kids to bed, and went to sleep. This afternoon I went to disconnect my phone where it was charging and went through the pictures I took starting from the ones I took of the floor because I was hiding and here is what one of them showed..
I can make the profile of a human face and it's way too high up to be a person aside from that, no one passed by or was close to me either. - Ghost picture submitted by LB

Comment by anonymous:
What movie theater was this? I want to go investigate.

Comment by Max:
What movie theater?.

Comment by Kim:
The face in the top right hand corner is really creepy.

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Strange misty shape in front of the dog on the floor. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by Adriana:
What is this?.

Comment by Frank:
Looking at this... I'd have to say the dog lying on the chair is a real dog and the one on the floor is a ghost dog because you can see part of the chair right through it.

Comment by Dannie:
I don't quite get what you're trying to show us here. Loredo is a dangerous place and plenty of people have been killed there so it makes perfect sense that more than a few locations would be haunted. Could you please give us some details hon?.

Comment by Jasmine and Anjelica:
If a ghost was really there the dog would have reacted to it. We are sixth graders but we are not that dumb, you know what we are not even dumb we are GT students.

Comment by Ulysses:

Comment by dr zekow:
Looks like a rooster or possibly a hairy ant eater or something.


Outside my house.. In front of Benavides Park... Fooling around with the camera!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Yvonne

Comment by Fer:
Where is the place located at, I want to go and check out.

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