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I believe in the paranormal but I am very skeptical at the same time. I don't believe everything I hear or everything I see on TV. I have had many paranormal experiences since I was very young. That's why I do believe in the paranormal.
My family has lived in Mesquite for 4 years now and we have a ghost/spirit in our home. Our ghost/spirit isn't a negative so far! I have laid down rules that it isn't allowed to scare my kids, my dogs, or mess with anything electric, or I would make him leave.
I do believe it is a male because I have heard my name called and I did catch a photo of him in my bedroom. Even though he hasn't done anything harmful my dogs see him every night and they bark and bark at the corner and the hallway all the time.

So most nights I sleep on the couch because if not I don't sleep because they bark so much. I feel his presence a lot, he does like to knock or open a door now and then and he did shake my daughters closet door once and she did get freaked out. That's when I blessed her room and laid down the rules!! I'm uploading the photo I took with my night vision camera I took a month ago!. - Ghost picture submitted by Dawn

Comment by Tgh4:
Hello I live Mesquite can you tell me what street this photo was taken on??? If you can't it's fine but I am also a believer and my youtube channel is dedicated to ghosts here is the link to our ghost playlist:https://www. Youtube. Com/playlist? List= pl7lyjbanik2ydtimudnls5ly55ge45n51 get back to me asap please =) tgh445.

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