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Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas

Midland, Texas

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This happened to myself and a very good friend of mine several years ago. Around the mid 90's, not sure exactly what year. My friend, who I'll call sam, lived in a large two story house on the corner of Thomason and thornridge.One night I stayed over for a sleep over. At the time only himself and his parents lived there, his room was right next door to theirs downstairs. His older sister lived upstairs but was out of town that weekend.Well around midnight we were both laying there with the lights off talking, when all of a sudden we heard boom, boom, boom, boom! someone was running full speed upstairs across the floor. I looked at him and said, ''what was that? '' he looked back at me for a few seconds and said, ''it must be the dog....'' his dog was a tiny shitzu. There was no possible way it could have been that dog running across the floor. This sounded like a two hundred pound man running back and forth in the hallway upstairs.His bedroom door was open and we could see down the hall so there was no way it was one of his parents. If it was they would had to of snuck past us without turning on a single light in the house, and his house was dark at night.So we lay there for a few minutes more when I started getting the creepiest feeling. I turned to him and said, ''man you're going to think I am nuts, but.... I feel like there is something watching us.'' he looked over at me and said, ''man do not say that! I was just thinking the exact same thing! it's like someone is standing at the door looking at us. '' we both laid there unmoving for about an hour too afraid to get up.Suddenly I needed to use the restroom really bad, so did he but we were too scared to get up. So we laid there a good twenty minutes until suddenly the door to his parents room opened and the light in the hall came on.We both let out a deep sigh of relief. His dad had apparently needed to use the bathroom as well. We both jumped up and headed to the bathroom before his dad went back to bed. When we had both done our business we jumped back into our beds and made sure the bedroom door was closed.His dad went back to bed. We lay there talking for another couple of hours wondering what it was we had heard earlier that night. Off and on we would hear footsteps upstairs. We had the radio on and the song summer's coming by Clint black came on.This was when the song had first come out and was just starting to be a hit. So we were singing to the song when all of a sudden in the middle of it a loud extremely disturbing woman's voice came from the radio and cried out ''help me! help me!! '' man we both started freaking out and screaming! his dad came in the room and yelled at us to go to bed! it was about 4 am at this point.So after we calmed down we finally managed to fall asleep. The rest of the night had no more occurrences. About a year ago I reconnected with Sam and I asked him if he remembered that night. I'd been wondering to myself that maybe after all these years I had just imagined the whole experience.He remembered it exactly as I did. He's a minister now and told me he really felt that it was a demon. Now I do not know about that but I know in my heart that that house was haunted. Even after all these years I still have weird dreams about that house.
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I worked nights at office depot in Midland for almost two years. On many different occasion myself and those working with me saw, heard and experienced some really strange things. When I was there we had a two to three man team and worked Monday through Friday.We would work all night stocking new merchandise and were locked in the store with the alarm set all night. No one could come in without opening the large gate in front of the doors and setting off the alarm and we could not get out of the store without going through the fire exits and setting off the alarm.We were locked in from 10 pm till 6:30 am. The first time we ever noticed anything strange was a night just like any other night. The two of us divided up the stocking into two areas. Supplies and tech.I was working supply. One night I was working in the binder section, the guy I was working with, I'll call him jim, was up on a ladder loading printers onto the top shelves. Suddenly he came over with a funny look on his face, I asked, ''what's up? '' he said ''man you are not going to believe this but when I was up on the ladder I saw a guy walking on the aisle next to you.'' I did not really believe him at first but the look on his face was very serious. He was not joking around and seemed pretty disturbed. He said he was wearing blue jeans and sandles. So I kind of blew it off and went on stocking my area.I got to the envelopes and out of the corner of my eye it looked like someone was standing there. I quickly glanced over and saw absolutely nothing. I went back to work and there it was again. Again nothing there.I blew it off and started laughing at my own jumpiness. Well apparently it did not like being laughed at because the next time it was not off in the distance. I bent down to grab some envelopes out of the box, stood back up and boom it was literally right next to my face! I dropped the box saying a few ''choice words'' and leapt back.There was absolutely no one there! Chills ran up and down my body and I started breathing heavily. I walked over to jim and told him what had happened. He could see that I was very disturbed. So we took a break and worked side by side for the rest of the night.That was only the beginning. From then on we saw and heard things. When in the back office you could hear someone walking up the hallway behind you, but when they got to the doorway there was no one there.One night while I was away with my first child being born jim and one of our other guys, ''tim'' that came from days to replace me while I was away, heard a man's voice yell out ''what the hell! '' I talked to tim when I got back and he was doing his best to rationalize it, he just would not admit even to himself, that he had heard it.He kept saying things like, maybe we both just imagined it! Another time I heard my manager's voice yell out ''help! '' I looked down at my watch to see it was 5:45 am. I thought to myself, ''man he's actually early today.'' I got up and walked to the front of the store and the gates were locked tight. He was not there. He showed up late about an hour later. Jim and tim were in the back stockroom on the forklift and hadn't heard a thing.Another time a girl called jim's cell phone but she could not hear jim and the number would not show up on his caller ID. He kept telling her, ''you have the wrong number! '' and he'd hang up. She would call back and say, ''honey why are you being like this! '' no matter what he said she did not seem to hear him.At one point I just shrugged and said, ''man just do not answer your phone she's probably just crazy! '' the next call he put it on speaker, and I'll never forget what she said, ''why are you being like this! Why will not you just talk to me? I am not crazy! '' when she said that we both just about flipped out.We glanced around us expecting someone to be playing a prank on us, but there was absolutely no one there. That was the last call, she did not call back after that. I saw someone walk by the main aisle on several different occasions while stocking, one time it looked like a person pushing a cart.I'd get up and look and there would be no one. Jim would be on the other side of the store. Our store manager, felt someone walk up right behind her in the back office, but there was no one there.Right before I quit jim was moved to days and they hired a woman named ''maria'' to replace him. Whatever was in that store did not like women. Before I ever even got a chance to tell her about some of the things that had been going on, she got scratched across the back of her neck.She came up and told me that it felt like something just bit her. She turned around and on the back of her neck were these long read marks, like someone had just scratched her. She talked to her dad about it one day, he worked construction, and he swore up and down that when they had built the office depot building, there had been a worker killed.He'd been working up high up on the unfinished store, when one of our famous west Texas windstorms hit and he'd been blown off. He'd died instantly. Now I have never found any evidence of this, but then again I have never really looked that hard, as I quit that job about two weeks later. That was the absolute creepiest job that I have ever had. .
Submitted by Anonymous

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