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You may think I am a maniac, but after what I experienced in the quiet little town of Perryton, Texas I might as well be one. About twenty-four years ago, my wife and I were looking for a nice home to start a family in. We searched for an eternity, but we could not find a nice home in our price range. Then one day, we got a call from a local realtor to go check out a house they forgot to show us. I remember the street name, Colgate, with beautiful trees covering the street. We were shown a small house, but good enough to start a family in and amazingly in our budget. My wife fell in love with the house, telling me of all the great plans she had for it.

We settled in, and in what seemed like an instant our first son was born. He was a quiet one, not even crying as he came into the world. This changed instantly as we introduced him to his ''home. '' As his mother carried him through the doorway, he was consumed in a fit. His shrieks filled the house, but out of nowhere he became silent. We thought nothing of this. Over the years, my son began to grow into a charming boy. But there was a problem. He would report seeing a figure standing outside of his window every night, watching him as he lay in his bed. I of course, worried about potentially dangerous neighbors, checked around the house each night, but the figure would still lurch outside of my son's window as the night proceeded. My son was terrified. I still have terrible guilt for not believing his claims.

One night, on September 23, 1990, my wife was staying with her sick mother. This night is forever imprinted in my consciousness. This night, my son did not go into our room screaming. I awoke around 3:00 am (coincidence?) feeling my son pulling the sheets of the bed as to wake me up. I groggily opened my eyes; this ''thing'' was not my son. I was filled with a sense of pure, concentrated fear. My body went numb as I stared at this evil being. It was like a shadow, but with rotting flesh hanging off. It made the most skin crawling inhaling noise. My body became numb; I could not move. I had never been close to god, but I started praying, begging, for him to make this ''thing'' go away. It did. I could not last another second in that house. I grabbed my son out of his bed without waking him and left the house without even closing the door. I had a nearby church go and pray for us and the house while my wife and son were out. I was still partially in denial. I did not want to worry them about something that maybe did not exist.

All was peaceful in that house until around 2000, when my son was fifteen. His restless nights had been ended after the house was blessed. He was becoming quite the typical teenage rebel. He strayed away from us of course, to find his identity. We lost a special connection we had when he was younger. He seemed more closed in. Anyway, I had to leave for about a week for a job meeting down in Lubbock, and I left my wife and son at home. When I arrived back to the house, something was not quite right. As soon as I opened my car door, an icy breeze blew in. It was odd, but I swear that I heard whispers carried by the wind telling me to leave now. I discredited this, being that I was tired from the trip. I walked in to find my wife scrubbing the floor. She did not even look up at me. I put my stuff away and went to kiss her, but she pulled away. She told me someone had broken into the house and had set up a satanic pentagram made of salt. I was in awe. My family' sanctuary had been polluted. Not only did someone have the audacity to break in, but to also summon evil into our house. I was enraged. Luckily my wife and son were out at their aunts while this took place, if not they could have been seriously hurt or worse, killed.

As for my son, well, he just kept disobeying us and disrespecting. It was not until one particular afternoon after arriving from church, that I pulled him into his room. I made him sit on the bed to hear my lecture. Instead he broke down in tears. I was stunned; I had never seen him cry since he was a child. He was crying hysterically. He finally tried to control himself. His words were coming out softly. He was struggling so hard to communicate. I was only able to distinguish the words ''he makes me. '' I just held him. That night was the last in the house, and the worst. We were awakened by the sound of the fire-alarms going haywire. Smoke filled the entire house. As we ran out of the house we passed the most ominous sign. A burning pentagram perfectly centered in the middle of the living room. My wife started shouting hysterically. She told me that was the exact same spot the salt pentagram had been in. We checked each other to make sure that we were OK. My wife and I were ok, but my son had scratch marks all over his chest. I could not bear the possibility of putting my family through another night in that evil house. I felt like a terrible father not being able to protect my family, but this was no physical force I could grab. This was something other-worldly, and it was out to get us. We moved to another house shortly after staying at hotels. Everything seemed to get better, for a while.

My son's eighteenth birthday should have been the mark of a new beginning, his adulthood, leaving the nest and going off to college, but it was not. Every time he called home from his apartment, he would go off on how the ''thing'' had followed him. I tried to convince him it was just a childhood experience that may have stayed in his head, and that he was safe now. He would stay quiet and say ''you just don't understand. '' He was formidably right.

My son is not with us anymore. He ended his life when he was just twenty-two. I long to know what my son went through that made him make that decision. I wish I could have been there to save him. I am torn up inside, knowing that maybe there was something that I could have done. My life is so empty without Matt. I miss the baby boy who would run throughout that infernal house without a worry in his life, giggling at the slightest humor in things. From his voice booming on Christmas morning, ''daddy wake up, Santa left gifts! '' But, I knew, that inside, my boy was gone way before he took his own life.

One of his friends had called me after my son's death, telling me that our old house had not been broken into. It had been him and my son, who in fact, had set up the pentagram, to try and contact the spirit that visited my son. He too was seeing the creature Matt had described to him many years earlier. What my son did ultimately had set him up for disaster. He was tortured by this spirit whom he angered when he tried to contact it. So I tell you now, please, please, do not mess with what you do not know. You never know what true evil lurks out there. I will never have Matt in my life again, but as for you, do not make the same mistake he did. As for the house, I can never allow myself to see it. In some way, it was that house that took my son from me, that house on Colgate Street. - Ghost picture submitted by Noe

Comment by Tillian:
I do not know when this was posted nor do I think you're a maniac. I will tell you this. I live in Perryton Texas born and raised. I am still a student but I also go through these experiences, I have ever since I was little.
It's like they are drawn to me and I don't know if you will see this but I would like to talk with you if you would allow it. I am intrigued by your story.

Comment by Brandon:
I grew up in Perryton Texas since 1979, and I have not heard a thing go on there. I have walked the streets of Colgate from one side of town to the other and have never in my life seen that picture or have seen that house.

Comment by Donna:
It looks like the house but this house had been remodeled several time and my friend mom lives next door to this house and we had heard stories of a pentagram but the year 1990 don't match who lived there at that time? And my friend sister swear a light downstairs in basement would come on by them self they hung around with the girl who lived there this old house was in her moms family forever until bank foreclosed on it.

Comment by anonymous:
Is this actually your picture? I've seen it on several websites before.

Comment by Tony:
I was raised in Perryton. There is no house on Colgate that resembles the one above. The writer of the story however did get it right about a certain part of Colgate being enclosed by trees. The trees line the street for about one and a half blocks.
The picture above should show the trees much more clearly but it doesn't. I wish these snake oil salesmen would go away and be replaced by people who are truly interested in strange phenomena. I say that because there actually are houses in the county worth investigating.

Comment by Nathan:
I will not stop until I figure this out and get to the bottom of this. Texas is my state from Pampa Texas paranormal research society.

Comment by Michelle:
I lived in the 1500 block of S. Colgate between 1972 - 1995. Still own the house there. This picture is fake. The house shown is not on Colgate. Anywhere. I think it looks like a house a friend of mine lived in located north of the tracks on Eton. But it's not haunted. The mesh on the screen door is just mashed up. That's all. Old house and harsh winters will do that. But it sure isn't ghosts.

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