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I wanted to update my previous post. I've now lived on Overstreet Lane for one and a half years. I now have a very tall man that stands over me while I'm sleeping. He's wearing camouflage clothing, but he's see-through, so I can't tell if it's military or not. My son has also seen him walking up the stairs. My son frequently gets dizzy spells while in his room upstairs. We haven't been able to figure out why. This ''man'' does not seem threatening at all.

I once had a very scary looking woman in my bedroom. She was in a white gown. She had a pale face and dark eyes. She came towards me with a knife in her hand. Then suddenly this man in camo appeared in front of her, and she disappeared. She's not been back. I haven't seen him in a few months. I did get a picture of his shadow in my room. I attached it. You can see his chest at the level of the handle. His arms are a little away from his sides. It was dark, so it's the best I could get. Our TV was on though. I saw him standing at the end of my bed. That's why I took the picture.

I have been talking to neighbors and previous owners, and I found out that this 9-year-old house has had five families. The ones I've talked to also experienced unexplained activity. Their children were scared, so they moved out. It seems that it mostly hung out upstairs. Now it likes to visit me. Maybe it's because I've been so sick and terminally ill. Whatever the reason, I have told the man in camo that he's welcome to stay as long as he didn't bother or scare my kids and stopped standing right beside me while I'm sleeping. He's so far obliged. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

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Royse City is one of the worst towns I had ever lived in. I am never going back. I got out while I still could. Starting in April, 1998, I lived in a nice house. It had a gorgeous pool, a nice garage and a wonderful backyard. The neighbors were nice, and the view was great. We were actually there when it was first built. Thinking that we would live there forever, my husband at the time, my son, and I put our markings on the small slab of concrete just outside the back door. We left our names and hand prints on it. Everything was great. We moved in, and we were just like a regular family. We had not yet met this one neighbor who lived on the other side of us. Whoever they were, they kept to themselves. We really did not think anything of it at the time. So, I came home from buying some things in a town nearby only to find a man swimming in our pool. I walked outside after watching him for a second and deciding that he really did not seem that dangerous. I asked him what he was doing. He really did not say much other than that he did not know anyone lived here and that he lived next door. I introduced myself, making it clear that I lived there. So, he got out, and he walked back over to his house; or so I thought.

About a month passed, and I did not see him. My husband knew about it. It really freaked me out, so my husband said to just call the police the next time it happened. I got a knock on the door a month after I had caught my neighbor using my pool. I opened the door, and the woman introduced herself as my neighbor. I thought that maybe she was the wife of the man or something. We got to talking, and she told me that her husband had divorced her three years prior and left her. And she did not know where he currently was. I did not say anything to her about the man in the pool. She left, and later that night I told my husband that the man who claimed to be the neighbor was not actually our neighbor. That our real neighbor was a lawyer and that she was rarely ever home. Nothing else weird happened for a few years. The normal things that seemed to happen were lights turning on and off randomly, weird noises, and unexplained noises.

It was not until we had our first son that these things started to happen all over again. I came home to find the same man in our pool one day, and I immediately left my son in the car. I went to go tell him to get out, but he was not anywhere to be seen. I walked around the entire property, and there was no one anywhere to be seen. It really freaked me out. I called my husband, and he just had me go to his office until he came home. About another year passed, and it was 2011. This was when the real stuff started to happen. I saw the man again, this time my husband was home with me. I saw him from the window in our bedroom, and we called the police. Skip the theatrics, the police never showed up, and he was gone from the pool area. Later that night we were watching television when all of the sudden we heard this huge crash in our son's bedroom. It was next to the laundry room, so we thought it was there. We went in there, and nothing had been touched. We entered our son's room, and all of the things that were on the shelf on the left wall were fallen off one by one. Nothing and no one pushed them off. They were just slowly and loudly falling. It was like they were being slammed onto the ground. My husband grabbed our son who was just whaling. We did not know what to do. We went into the kitchen to leave because that was where the door was, and the man who I had busted for swimming in our pool was just standing there. He was in the doorway. The door was wide open. I locked myself in the bedroom with our son. When I came out the man was gone, and my husband was in the attic. No one ever went up there because we never had any use for it. Anyway, I put my son in the car and then climbed the wooden ladder to check on my husband. He found this creepy birdhouse up there. That was all that was up there. So, he brought it down, and we burned it. It was this old red and cream color, and it was covered in dead moths, flies, anything you want. It was on there. We put up the house for sale for what it was worth and lived with a friend for a while.

Eventually, we bumped it down to a really low price. Fast forward, we got a divorce, never spoke of that house again and now someone bought it. If you are reading this, and you live there you better be aware of what is going on. Be aware that in that house, more than what I just told you happened. The damned bird house is the reason. You do not know what you bought. You do not know what happened on the land that you live on. Even we do not. All I know is that we built it on top of something that did not want to be built on. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by Bob:
I know the picture is not directly related to the story but I can see a face in the greenery, under the second hand from the left.

Comment by Anthony:
I have lived in Royse City ever since 2006 and I never knew about that. I thought there was nothing in Royse City!.

Comment by Relic:
If you're reading this and you live in that house.... Gee thanks for narrowing it down. Now everyone will be moving out of town because they'll think they're in the house that you described.

Comment by anonymous:
My friends actually lives in this house and I went there and I'm really scared now. The picture is part of the house, it's right outside her door. It's creepy.

Comment by No gloshii:
Let me tell you something.. I am Navajo and we were always taught never to write your name in the dirt, nor leave your handprint. When you did that in the sidewalk you just sealed your future taunting of dark spirits.
They play with it and call out to you. Just don't do that again. I'm not even supposed to be telling your culture this stuff because it's sacred, but I want to help so you do not do that again. Peace.

Comment by Linda:
Wow! That's crazy.. A lot of stuff happen at my house too. And I live in Briarstone Estates.

Comment by John:
I lived in Royse City for a year in 2000 on Duran Dr. The house was very active and started the very night we moved in. My mom and sister saw a shadow figure. The spirit of a little boy walked through my room. A few times all the walls in the house would be banging. It was a very frightening house. A bit after we moved another family bought it. They tore the house down and built another. I spoke with the woman there, and they experienced activity also. I don't know if the spirits have been moved off the property or not, but I'll never forget that place.

Comment by Eli:
This picture of the side walk is the same of the handprints on the sidewalk walking up to my house. I live near Royse City, and I experienced many bad things in the house I live in. The house is definitely haunted, and I've seen and been messed with by the ghosts there.

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