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A few years ago on a beautiful Sunday afternoon a friend and myself decided to take a walk through Fort Concho in San Angelo, TX. It was spring time I believe. Anyway as we strolled through some buildings, I would feel strange like I didn't want to leave. There was so much pain in the Judges building, and I felt like crying but not scared. Strolling along we got to the hospital building, and it was locked. We decided to take pictures through the window in front of the building, and by the staircase an image appeared on my picture. I didn't see anyone there but only on my phone. - Ghost picture submitted by Grace

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Taking a picture of my nephew and asked my sister to send it to my iPhone and the first thing that popped at me was the face of the little girl from back of the chair. - Ghost picture submitted by MG

Comment by MG:
This residence is on Glenwood St. and up to date my sister states she can feel someone is watching her.

Comment by Gilbert:
My mother lives on Glenwood Street , and she has stated to me that she has heard things in the middle of night in her house as well. Her house is in between Howard and Garfield Streets .

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. - Ghost picture submitted by Jorge, The Professor and Lisa aka, Cinnamon

Comment by Bokaba:
This is actually a pretty good picture of a person wearing a hat in the window. I would say this photo captured something unexplainable (unless of course there is someone standing inside or in front of the camera causing a reflection).

Comment by Cory:
This is a John Wayne cardboard cut out that is frequently confused for a 'ghost' it is the back of the cut out.


. - Ghost picture submitted by Jorge, The Professor and Lisa aka, Cinnamon

Comment by Dave:
Looks like more of a costume than a ghost. I wish you wouldn't contaminate this page with stupid posts like this.

Comment by Lola:
And it's not even funny! They think they're so clever, but it's just boring.


Back in February my girlfriend Lisa and I took a 1768 mile trip around Texas. One of the places we stopped and visited was a Civil War fort in San Angelo, Texas named Fort Concho. During this unescorted tour we had taken hundreds of photos, however I hadn't had a chance to do anything with them until recently.
Keep in mind this was a time of year that can be considered ''the off season'' therefore Lisa and I were completely alone as we toured and photographed the fort. You see, I had recently placed my photos onto my ''myspace'' page so my friends and family can be envious, I mean, enjoy the adventure I had embarked on.
A day or so after posting the photos my sister-in-law, Olivia, from Houston e-mailed me commenting that there was a ghost in a particular photo. When I examined the photo more closely I was stunned with what I saw.

In the photo of me sitting on the stone carved bench you will see a building behind me with a window, the building behind me is building number 6 one of the infantry barracks (infantry barracks no.# 6) , if you look at the window you will see an apparition. This apparition is wearing a uniform hat. Needless to say when I saw this I was stunned with such unbelief that I zoomed in to the photo, focusing just at the window.
When I all I can see was just the window on my screen, goose bumps covered every inch of my body. I had included with this photo three others; a cropped photo of the apparition and two photos of the uniforms from the museum.

Please, tell me what you think. Thank you. - Ghost picture submitted by Jorge

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My father had died February 19, 2008, and I can hear him talking to me at night when I can't sleep. One night I was reading a bulletin online... When I reposted it I heard a noise as if my dad was on his breathing machine.
I turned to where my couch was and then this flash of him on the bed that was there for his comfort. Also this other night I was in my room, my dog, Ellie, sleeps with me at night... We both couldn't sleep but soon Ellie did, but I still was awake.
Ellie first wagged her tail as if my father was calling her then, I have this chair by my closet door that I keep open with the light on at night, Ellie went over to the chair as if my father was petting her, then I see marks as if he was brushing her appeared on her fur.

After that I felt asleep, but when I woke up, my blanket was tucked under me, my dad sometimes would tuck me in, it was just how he would put it and after that nothing has happened.... Yet. In this picture my dad is wearing a leather jacket of Christmas 2008 before he was sick.
His sickness was cirrhosis of the liver (I don't really know how to spell it). - Ghost picture submitted by Ashley

Comment by Ellie:
I think you dad said his goodbyes. The fact that he tucked you in was so that you would remember it was him. Don't worry you will see him in the future in your dreams, just think good thoughts of him all day and at night when you dream he will visit you and you could even hug him.

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A woman's face was photographed in a mirror in the upstairs bedroom of OQ1 Fort Concho. - Ghost picture submitted by Darin

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