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I've worked at the primary in Shepherd for over six years now. I've never experienced anything out of the norm. Well, let me rephrase that anything spooky. Working at a school, you come across many different things, but this one takes the cake for being the most strangest thing I've ever witnessed.

It was a PD day (Professional Development day). We had just been released from a staff meeting to go back into our assigned duties. I had to prep for my science lab. I was twenty minutes into working at my desk, and all of a sudden I heard a clash on the floor. It was one of the metal hooks off the top of my white board, which hooks from the top and bottom of a metal track. This hook flew across the room landing in the middle of my classroom. I picked it up to examine it some more, and to some shock and disbelief I tried to wrap my head around the occurrence.

I assembled it back on the track and rattled as hard as I could to check for any faultiness within the hook or track, and both were perfectly functioning. I immediately went to the previous teacher who had taught in that room for several years. She said that she had encountered some weird things but nothing to that extent. Later that night we did some further digging, and I contacted the custodial worker to reach for more answers. I asked her if she's ever experienced anything paranormal on the primary campus.

She claims that she personally has never experienced anything of that nature only the feelings of being watched but never negative. Her custodial partner, on the other hand, has had some experiences of hearing the hand dryers (which do have sensors) go off while on duty. She later reported to me the shooting of a twenty-three-year old teacher many years ago that was committed by her former boyfriend on the campus parking lot.

I've only recently moved into this classroom about four weeks in, and I've done a lot of decluttering. The custodial worker then joked that I might have thrown something out that might have belonged to a former departed and deceased employee. I still have no words for this incident. - Ghost picture submitted by Charlene

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I was walking through the woods on 2666 with my buddy Billybob West. We passed a particular tree known as ''the devils pitchfork'' because its wood is a cherry red with a burnt look to it. It had been struck by lightning a few years back which somehow bent the top to resemble the top of a pitchfork.
We walked by it on a hunting trip at about three in the morning ''the witching hour'' to some and saw something we will never forget. Billy went to drain the old lizard by it because he never believed the stories and instantly felt a hand reach out and grab hold of him.
He was pulled to smack hard into the unforgiving bark. He ran back screaming about a black robed figure with demon red eyes and a wicked grin. We went back to investigate and the air grew cold and the tree began to ooze blood from it's long dead branches.

A sharp laugh echoed through the night followed by a blood curdling scream. A black shadow rushed from inside the tree and scratched me along the right arm. We ran as fast as we could to our truck and went home.
We have never been back to 2''666'' since then, but now I think I know how it got it's name. - Ghost picture submitted by Stewie

Comment by Bradley:
Where's this supposed to be cause I've never heard of it and I live on 2666 my whole life.

Comment by Sas Sue:
Stop with the madness.

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