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Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas
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I moved into a neighborhood in Alden Bridge in The Woodlands a little over six years ago. The first few days of us living there one of the neighbors from a few houses over stopped by to introduce herself. She told me about some strange experiences she had in her house over the years. I listened to her stories, but did not really give them too much thought. The house was in a quiet neighborhood on a cul-de-sac. At the time it was just my husband and I and occasionally my step-son who was about seven at the time. The master bedroom was on the opposite side of the house from the other bedrooms, so there was never really a need to go to the side of the house with the other bedrooms, which was fine by me because it gave me an uneasy feeling. We moved into the house in September. Within the first week our first experience happened. It was my first day off since moving in, so I used it to settle into the new house and get it looking more like a home. When my husband returned home from work I was excited to show him all the progress I made. While standing in the center of the house we were both startled by a loud crashing sound coming from the side of the house with the bedrooms. I said out loud ''Oh, the art I hung in the hallway must have fallen! I hope it didn't break. '' When we went to check out the damage NOTHING was out of its place. That was WEIRD, but we actually did not give it another thought. Until it became clear that something out of the ordinary was happening that neither of us could explain.
A few weeks later, while home alone, I was standing in my master bath in front of the mirror while blow drying my hair. All of a sudden I saw a shadow walk right behind me and disappear into the closed closet door. I tried to see if I could recreate what I had seen (thinking maybe it was my hair blowing around or my arm -- whatever. I could not recreate what I saw) Also in the master bath while taking a shower one night I felt three very distinctive HARD taps on the back of my head and simultaneously experienced a cold spot in a hot shower. I told my husband about what I was experiencing and reminded him of the unexplained crashing sound we had heard, but he being the macho man he is chalked it up to me watching too much ''Ghost Hunters''. That was until the morning of November 1, 2007. I remember the date because Halloween was just the night before. We went to bed Halloween night, no big deal then the next thing I knew, the shower door in our bathroom slammed shut so loud that I thought for sure the glass would break. I rolled over to tell my husband to shut it softer and not to be so loud because I was trying to sleep, but when I rolled over all I saw was my husband's shocked face lying in bed next to me, asking me ''What the HELL was that!''

Some time later I was dog-sitting my sister's two Chihuahuas. Anyone who has ever been around Chihuahuas would know they are extremely territorial of their owners and these girls were my babies. I was at home alone (or so I thought) watching TV while both dogs peacefully slept all curled up on my stomach and chest. Out of nowhere both dogs jumped up and started going crazy barking at something that I could not see. I was talking scared, threatening barks, and growling like I have never heard them do before. I very calmly said out loud, ''This is MY home and these are MY dogs. You are scaring them, and we do not want you here. Please leave this house and leave us alone. '' The second I finished saying the words both dogs curled right back into their sleeping positions as if nothing had happened. The next night I still had the pups with me. I was taking a bath in the tub and the smallest dog, Holly, was sitting on the bath mat. She would usually stand up on her back legs and wag her tail and whine until I got out to hold her. This time she sat there facing the open master closet doing this constant low growl. I tried several times to call her name and break her attention, but she was too focused to acknowledge me. My husband came walking in the bathroom with the bigger Chihuahua, Bella, trotting happily behind him. I told him Holly was acting weird and growling at the closet when all of a sudden the hairs on Bella's back shoot straight up. She went running into the closet barking like she was on the attack! She stood there in the closet snarling, growling, and barking this unnerving scream of a bark. Once again I said out loud, ''MY house, MY dogs... GET OUT!'' and she stopped.

After watching TV in the living room one night my husband and I went to bed. About a half hour later my husband was asleep, and the TV in the living room not only turned on by itself, it also turned itself up way louder than we had it. I woke my husband up and made him go turn it off. No way was I getting out of bed after that. While he was out there I asked him to bring me back some water. That was when my bedroom door went from being fully opened to shutting half way. I could still see into the living room. Specifically I could see the table with the lamp my husband had turned on. While I was sitting there trying to make sense of the TV turning itself on and up and my bedroom door half-way shutting itself, I saw a shadow figure pass in front of the lamp. On another occasion, my husband and I got home from work within a few seconds of each other. I never even made it in the house before he pulled up. We decided to go get some take out, and when we got home with dinner he walked in ahead of me. When I walked in he was standing there with a perplexed look on his face. I asked him what was up. He said when he walked in he thought I must have left the TV on because he heard voices in a conversation, but he could not make out what they were saying. He looked up to see what was on TV, but it was turned off.

Another time he was in the garage, and I was standing in the doorway between the laundry room and the garage talking to him. I saw his eyes focus on something behind me then shoot up to ceiling. I asked him what he was looking at, and he said a shadow appeared behind then shot up through the ceiling. Twice in one day the living room TV turned itself OFF after my husband left it on to go outside and play with his son. Then it happened again a second time that day when he left to take his son back to his mother. Later that same night my husband was doing some work in one of the other bedrooms that doubled as an office, and he said the papers that were lying flat on the desk beside him rustled as if someone walked past or the AC turned on, only it had not. Also, every now and then we would come home and the whole house would have this very distinct ''old lady'' smell. We only lived in the house for nine months before my husband's job relocated us to Austin. Every once in a while out of nowhere I would smell the old lady smell again. Even with all the strange things that happened in that house I never felt threatened, but the memories of the unexplained things still stick with me.

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