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Ok, so we're in Sugarland, Texas and it was August 22nd 2010. We don't know how many people will read this, but someone's got to hear this. OK so all day we've been hanging online watching random videos on youtube.
Then we saw a few ghost videos on a few sites, some we know are fake others, well we think may be real, but so we're in my dad's bedroom where the comp is. And my friends close my bedroom door for the hell of it.
Later we went to get something to eat and I had t use the restroom and one of my friends opened the door before I went, so the bathroom is right next to my room and I look at my door, and it's almost shut all the way and the only ones here are my two friends and I and we were all in the kitchen so when I saw this I took a video which I still have on my phone and showed it to them and my friend freaked a little because he know he opened it.

So now we're sitting here watching a few more videos and laughing a bit, but none of us have left the room. I turn around in my computer chair, and all of a sudden my door was open quite a bit.
I'm attaching a picture yes it's very difficult to see but that's the best we could do. Also not too much longer before this happened I was talking on my phone in my room, and I got up to get something to drink and I reached my door I heard a little boy about the age of 8 screaming.
This was at around 12:00 am and I turned around, and there I saw a figure of a boy standing on my bed. And I never turned but it suddenly just vanished. I am not making this up so please don't think I am, I'm not looking for any notoriety, just maybe some possible answers or someone who may have seen something like this or something if so please post. - Ghost picture submitted by Necco

Comment by James:
I have read your post, and I believe you. I know you are not making it up because there are a lot of people who have some sort of activity just like you. I am a paranormal investigator from Madison Missouri. I have my own business it is called Madison Missouri Ghost Hunters or MADMOGH. If you want, you can contact me on facebook which is Madison Missouri Ghost Hunters.

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