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Spooky light in the window. Is it a spirit or a ghost. - Ghost picture submitted by Donna

Comment by Ash:
Is it possible that it was just the flash from your camera?.

Comment by anonymous:
Probably your camera flash.

Comment by Westie_lover:
Picture is either fake or misdated. At 8:45 pm in July in Wichita Falls TX the sun has not set. It isn't fully dark until 9:15 at that time of year.

Comment by Miguel:
I wish people wouldn't contaminate the search results with camera flash ''orbs.''.


The ghost of the Wichita Theater (Sam) has been seen several times. I have promised online to show a picture, and I have uploaded it. Here is the theater ghost, Sam. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by Josh:
The legend of Sam (the ghost in the picture) was a man who fell off the balcony at the Wichita Theater. And became a ghost. Many people have sighted him and if you look in the bottom right hand corner you can see his face, this is not a fake!!.

Comment by Tilly:
I studied this picture closely; the thing you describe as a face when looked at in high resolution becomes a large dog complete with slobber! I have to raise the flag on this one.

Comment by KJ:
The picture is blurry as hell. When pictures are blurry like this, shapes lose definition. This easily could be a prop in fact with how solid it is. It's something physically there.

Comment by Lu:
Hey there. I really can't see a thing on this one, sorry dude. But check out my pic of a witch in Lafayette Cemetery I got. 100% real, and I'm open for discussion or debate on whether or not you think it's real or fake. Not many have seen this or never reached out to any pro ghost analyst about it. Check it out. It's on Salem, Oregon under Lafayette witch. It was at a cemetery. And sorry for using your page for extra clout but felt like it was an honest approach seeing how this picture has so much comments and mine only has 1. Please check it out! My email thejumpa21 @ gmail. com.

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