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So the years have passed after I lived in the old frame house with the basement where Alyeska (my dog) confronted something that took her away forever. The old house was sold for scrap and a new house was built in its place directly over the old basement.
My kids and their mother moved in with my ex outlaws and my youngest was staying in a room in the basement. One night she awoke to a bloody faced figure with a noose around his neck looming at the foot of her bed! She could see the wall behind him perfectly clearly so she was certain it was a ghost.
After remaining perfectly still for several seconds, the image slowly faded away and let her unable to sleep the rest of the night. Later in the same month, she was washing her face in a bathroom in the basement and turned to get a towel off of the towel rack to dry her face.

To her astonishment, it was floating in the air just a foot away! She quickly fled the basement and refuses to sleep there to this day. There is definitely something going on on this ranch. When I lived there, I found the foundations of several homes that had been burned to the ground and cisterns (built to collect rainwater off of a homes roof) that no one can remember any house in recent history being near.
I am an avid photographer and set up a game camera that captures pictures of deer and such when they pass a motion sensor. On one particular picture, I caught the attached photo. It looked strange to me, so I sent it to a self proclaimed ghost hunter/psychic who said that it was the spirit of a man who had been unjustly hanged! Could this be an image of the very spirit that my daughter claims visited her bedroom covered in blood and with a noose around his neck? Totally makes sense to me...
All rights reserved on the picture and it is a 35mm print that has been scanned. - Ghost picture submitted by Oz

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