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I live in Arizona city and have encountered some ghostly things here as well. Every home that I have lived in since I moved here in 05 have been haunted. I have been a ghost hunter for many years and have been trying to get people to come out and tell me what is happening and to find out history of this area.
I have found a few people to come out to me and tell me some. Any ways I would like to share a photo I took at a house I lived in 2 years ago. It was on the street Diablo Rd. One night before we had moved in my nephews and my sister and I were driving out to see our new house and had seen a woman in white walking down the street.
A car was coming the other way, and it hit her with the lights and she just kept walking. The car passed by not seeing her. Then she just was gone. When we went to the house we felt as if someone was there with us.

And I took a picture I was trying to take it of my daughter, but she ran off scared of something. In the photo you can see a figure of a child and something behind it. We have moved out of that house and now live over by the golf course needless to say it's still in a haunted house.
''I can't seem to get away from them here''. I would love to be able to talk to anyone that can tell me some more stories or some history of the area... - Ghost picture submitted by Alyssa

Comment by Drake:
I'm no expert or anything but I'd say it's not the house. The ghost is attached to you. It could be an object you posses or someone you made angry, or a list of other things.

Comment by Jefe:
Almost looks like a dog rather than a child..

Comment by anonymous:
I also live in AZ city, and I've seen the same woman and many other ghosts everywhere I've moved in this little town. To me the whole town is haunted.

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