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Ok I just moved to Laveen off of 52nd Ave and St Kateri. . . A friend just bought a home in that area, don't want to put the address lol cause we might get people stopping by or driving by house. My friend asked me to move in with him and I did. It's a 5 bedroom beautiful home.
And I've only been there 2 weeks now. . And I'm creeped out... My friend asked me to stop by and pick my room witch I did.. But the moment I stepped into the home I had a strange vibe felt weird hard to explain it but in my gut I knew something was there.
So I picked my room and next day I moved my stuff in.. The first night I stayed there I was laying in my bed. . And where I had my computer I could hear my keyboard buttons being touched and if you own a Mac computer you know how loud the buttons are if you touch them.

So I'm looking in the direction of my computer, I hear this going on but I don't see anyone there. . I was creeped out. . The whole night I kept hearing noises like it was trying to get my attention, to let me know it was there..
Told my friend about it but not sure if he believed me. . He did laugh and say wow. . Crazy thing is I knew something was there cause only in certain spots in the house you get that eerie feeling that someone or something is either standing next to you because you get the chills really bad.
Yesterday was 9 / 16/2012 I had my girlfriend stay the night. . And I told her about the things that were going on but she didn't believe me. . Another person laughing at me. It must have been like 11:30 last night and she says can you take me to get something to eat and I was like OK lets do this ..

I took her to Filibertos on 51st ave and baseline... We also got some ice cream.. Spoiling my girl .. We get home and I put the ice cream in the fridge.. We go upstairs and enter my room .. Watch a movie and eat our food.
In hour later must have been like 12:30 and she asked me to go downstairs and get her an ice cream and I was actually doing something on my computer so I asked if she could go. Lol I knew she didn't want to go but she did..
She came back upstairs and the expression on her face was priceless cause she never believed in the stuff I would tell her and now she got to experience it on her own.. She said she went downstairs to the kitchen and opened up the fridge to get the box of ice cream..

She placed the box on the counter opened it got a ice cream out opened the ice cream up and turned to the trash to throw away the wrapper and as she turned around the box of ice cream was on the other end of the counter not where she had placed it..
So she knew something was messing with her.. She was the only one out there and my friend and his girlfriend were sleeping upstairs and I was in my room.. So I'm glad she went through that because now she believes me.
The whole night we kept hearing noises . . Before we went to bed I had a garbage bag with some trash in it so my girlfriend hung it up on my closest door handle.. I didn't like that because there was a crack from the door because of the bag not letting the door close so with the light off all you could see is the darkness coming from the closet.

Lol so I got up and took the bag off the door and placed it inside the closet floor and closed the door. . So remember I place the bag in the middle of the closet floor and I closed the door and went to bed..
I was off today from work and so was my girlfriend it was like 11:30 am I looked up and the trash bag was hanging outside the closet door handle, how scary is that.. I asked my girl if she did it, she said no..
Because I know I didn't do it. My friend let me use a lamp that he had in his computer room and I placed an old cross on it. I woke up this morning and guess what, the cross was upside down. . You know I'm freaked out..

That's not the only thing, I went to shower this morning and I heard a small growl and a moan, sounded like a baby crying.. Scared me wow.. And guess what, I left with my girlfriend and I'm staying the night at her house for a few days and still freaked because I know I have to go home in a few days so will see what happens right.
If anyone has any questions or wants to know more please contact me at dj2swift@ thx Oscar posting a pic of my room. - Ghost picture submitted by Dj2swift

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