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My mother passed away in 2004, my brother 2007. Before each of them died I asked them to please visit me so I wouldn't miss them so much. My brother and I were very close. They both told me if they could find a way they would.
I have had many visits from mom though have actually never seen ''her''. My sister has actually seen mom after breast cancer surgery. For me she comes as a rainbow in a strange place or a butterfly, a touch on my hair, a thought or whisper in my ear.
I have felt my brothers presence but never really saw him or got confirmation that it was really him. We had a birthday party for sonny's little great grandson at Wildwood Park this past Sunday. Sonny so much loved all the children and though he and my mom were both very ill they always came to the parties.

When I walked up toward the crowd, for a fleeting moment I saw sonny standing next to his wife. At first I was stunned then realized my son was standing there too and shook it off as my son instead of sonny.
Then I saw one of the boys from the old neighborhood and he introduced me to his 2 year old daughter. She warmed up to me quickly and sat on my lap instead of playing most of the afternoon. She called me grandma right away.
I felt an odd connection to this child. This is the events that took place along with the first photo I took. ''K'' and I connected so strangely and I felt an overwhelming sweetness and love for her, it was almost ''heavenly''.

Anyway, she was on my lap and started playing with my necklace. Sonny's daughters w, c and my daughter t were sitting close and we were all talking. K said ''gwam-ma sonny has a budderply''. I said what? She said it again so sweetly.
''w'' laughed and said she was talking about French fries. Little K looked at w and said ''no! Sonny has a budderply''. Again W said French fries? And K yelled a little louder being annoyed. After the 4th time I said, ''did you say sonny has a butterfly? '' and she , without looking up from my necklace she was playing with said ''yes, gwam-ma, sonny has a budderply''.
W and C gasped and W said, that gives me chills. So sonny must be here. Well T and I both looked at each other and I said, yep, and mom is here too! Mom loved to go to the kids birthday parties too.

She always went when she was well enough. They say that crystal children are open portals to the spirits. I am so totally convinced that mom and sonny were there!. - Ghost picture submitted by Becca

Comment by Stephanie:
Ok explain to me what a 'crystal' child is. Never heard of this.

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There is a ghost face in this picture and a few others in random places. Does anyone else see it? (Top corner in doorway). Strange things happen, doors open and close. Weird noises are heard also throughout the day... - Ghost picture submitted by Guera

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