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Ghostly picture. - Ghost picture submitted by Sonimarie


I have lived in Fort Morgan for 20 years now, and I have lived or stayed in many places. I have heard all the stories, and I have seen for myself some of them. Up until recently I never let them bother me. When I saw you unexplained things I just shrugged it off and prayed to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, and I would not be harmed or afraid anymore, but this time was a different story.

I live on a friend's property in a small camper with my husband. We have lived here since the 1st lockdown at the start of the pandemic. This place was a place I loved since I very first met my friend who also suffered from the things that are now happening to me. I was always drawn to this place, and my children loved it here. We felt at home here with the chickens and goats. People thought I was crazy for living here, and now I see why.

Since October 9th, 2020 I have seen and heard unexplainable things. I became the target of the witch I had heard stories about. I'd laughed at them many times in the past. I don't know much, but I do know this. They are angry, and they want something. I thought I was losing my mind until I showed people my pictures, and they saw it too. I just hope I make it out of here, and I pray none of them follow me. This has been the most terrifying 6 days of my life. - Ghost picture submitted by Sonimarie

Comment by Random guy:
What are we supposed to see in the picture?.

Comment by Sonimarie:
Look closely at the blue dress. It's a woman hanging. Then look past her into the darkness.

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I lived in the house on 7xx Burlington Ave. That house was haunted! This was 30 years ago when I lived there, and it looked abandoned. One night my daughter was sick, and we were lying in the living room when this weird manly voice (she was only 4 at the time) came out of her. It sounded like a man with a raspy voice laughing ''hahahah,'' so I looked at her and her eyes were turned up. Needless to say, I jumped up ran in the bed room grabbed my husband. He turned on the light, and we both looked at her, and she did the ''hahahaha'' again. I was so scared I was crying, and we just held hands and prayed!!

Another time my sister-in-law brought her big dog to our house. We had plans to go out for the evening and assured me that he was a wonderful dog and would be ok. We got home that evening, and he had torn the living room up, dolls torn to shreds, and cushions pulled off the couch! She was shocked that her dog had done that. My brother-in-law had moved in with us and stayed for two weeks. He was so scared. He said he could hear someone walk into his room and felt like they just stared at him. He said this house was haunted.

I found this bible in our front step of the home before we moved out. I was always afraid in that house. It just felt creepy. My sister-in-law babysat for us once and said the house felt evil and would not go over after that. I know after we moved out some young people moved in and were having a party. Two guys got into a fight, and one shot the other and was killed. I have attached a picture of the bible with a name in it. - Ghost picture submitted by SM

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