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I've lived on Carteret for 12 years. There has been a lot of different stuff that has happened at this house. It started with whispering in your ear and pulling on clothes to opening stuff and pulling out stuff like laundry in dryer. You would also get strong feelings as if the person is mad and not to go in the basement. You would always see shadows, and you never feel alone (always being watched. ) Also they change to look like certain people in the house. They have a blank stare then a smirk and walk downstairs.

We could hear heavy hooves walking on the ceiling. Lately my dogs dug up a stone artifact in the back yard. The moment it was dug up my daughter who was inside started screaming and ran out the back saying ''the black man with red eyes slammed the front door on me. '' I took it to a medium. She said it was used for voodoo and to rebury it with salt, so I did and it calmed him down. I also witnessed my whole wall warping, and it sounded like a semi hit the house. There's a lot of other stuff like only at midnight on Christmas Eve we heard a woman laugh loud, and my dogs went crazy. Strong smells would linger around you. All my kids won't go anywhere in the house by themselves. I have a picture of a woman. The light part is her face. I also have one of the man but it won't let me upload. - Ghost picture submitted by Nikki

Comment by Observer:
You need to get the hell out of that house! Those things are demons!.

Comment by Wendy:
Hi was this in Pueblo Colorado and could you send info to my email where it was to Wendypettie111 @gmail. com . I to lived in Colorado and had the same experience with ghost and am looking for answers to figure out why and what type of spirits are doing the hauntings thanks!.

Comment by anonymous:
So I used to live on Caterret Street. No matter what you did like put a heater in there it would turn off by itself and be really cold. In the kitchen we would always hear footsteps of people walking up and down the stairs and around the house.

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