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I lived in a house years ago in Kellogg, Idaho. I always ''felt'' something there, felt fear when in the basement, felt like someone was watching me. It was a very large old house on the side of the mountain overlooking the football stadium (at the time). I used to feel that someone was looking into the window or was at the window watching me, yet the house was up on the hill -there is no way someone could be outside that window.. It was at least 20 foot drop to the ground below and was on an incline as the house was built into the mountain. If I remember the street was West Portland Ave. I wonder if the house is still there - it was very distinctive, grey with French windows that overlooked Kellogg. I found a picture that was taken when we where in the house. In the French window looking in is a very distinct ''face'' it almost looks like a skeleton.. or a mans face.. but definitely a face. I remember how I felt living there. I was too afraid to tell anyone. - Ghost picture submitted by Melinda

Comment by Kaylene:
Don't worry it could possibly be a lost entity. Your house could have been built on a sacred land or even the fate of the ghost could have been falling off of the cliff dying. If you are experiencing any aggressive paranormal activity contact me at: k.kristofferson03 @gmail .com.

Comment by Sasha:
It's a stinking demon!.

Comment by anonymous:
I used to live in this same house around 1981 to 1983 anyways I slept in the basement one night I woke up to a tall white figure standing in the doorway to my bedroom. I didn't see it's face but it was full bodied figure solid white.

Comment by anonymous:
Also commenting again there is no way anyone can stand outside that window it's 10 ft off the ground. That house is no longer there my dad had the city tear it down. He left empty for years and some people moved in it without his knowledge tore it up so he had the city tear it down.

Comment by Crystal:
It looks like a demon to me.

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