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Me and three of my closest friends (David, Lyndsey, and Katy) decided to go to the ''Munger house'' in Star. I thought it would be a little weird but I never expected it to turn out the way it did. It was about four thirty in the afternoon.
We drove over there from Middleton, we got there, and it looked a little scary but I didn't expect anything to happen. We went inside and it was like every other house: spider-webs, that abandoned house smell.
Nothing out of the ordinary, but there was one room that stuck out from all the others. Lyndsey calls it ''the red room'' because of the red carpet. It's unlike the other rooms. In that one single room, I get feelings that someone or something is watching me, I get chills, and feelings like any other house I have ever been to.

I felt a slight tug on my jacket. This room terrifies lyndsey, she hates going in it. So because not a lot happened we decided to leave. We went to another house in Middleton on Willis road. It looked scary from afar.
But when we get there it was nothing but a lot of graffiti and deer poop all over so we left and decided to go back to ''the Munger house'' it was about five thirty when we got back. By the time we got there, the house was a lot darker.
Lucky for us, we brought a flashlight with us. We walked up the stairs and found a small space to crawl up into the attic. Me and David crawled up there, saw something propped up against the wall, heard what sounded like something pounding on tin and jumped down.

I felt extremely dizzy when and after I saw what ever was up there. We entered the kitchen and heard what sounded like something being thrown at the wall. All four of us ran out of the house. We waited about two minutes and nothing else happened.
Me and David were extremely anxious to find out what made the noise. So we walked back in. The girls waited outside as we went in. David and I heard another crashing noise coming from the basement which you enter through ''the red room.
'' as we walked into the room we shined our flashlight down the stairs into the small basement and saw what looked like the shadow of a young girl on the wall as we slowly walked down the small stairs.

We heard yet another banging noise in the kitchen as we ran in to find out what it was, I felt a sharp pain on my back, it felt like I was standing in a fire. My back was felt like it was burning.
After I felt the pain, a window above the kitchen sink. Shattered. Out of no where. Me and David went running out of the house and jumped in our car and sped off. We are going back Friday afternoon.
I will post anything more that happens... . - Ghost picture submitted by Garrett

Comment by Kailey:
Hi I was wanting to know the address of the house. If you could get back to me asap that would be awesome.

Comment by Jen:
To the poster of this photo: how you doing? I hope something didn't follow you home after this incident. This sort of thing is extremely dangerous.

Comment by Observer:
The house is in Star. It sits directly across the street from another old yet occupied farm house. It is being worked on presently so it doesn't look the same as it did when everyone decided to go check it out.

Comment by Observer:
I've been inside this house. Quite by accident while driving around getting photos of landscapes and barns I happened upon this place. My experience in this house was quite disturbing. I have a very eerie photo of the top window pane that actually had a set of huge eyes looking at me as I snapped a photo of the house from the street.
I want to warn everyone who wants to go inside this house to not go inside. I believe it is now under construction anyway. But I really feel this place had something evil lurking inside.

Comment by Observer:
7-27-18: The house is now gone, and a new housing subdivision has been built on both sides of the road.

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