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Can you see any ghosts in this picture? Las Vegas, Nevada.
2019. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

       Category: gas

December 2010. Las Vegas, NV. My residence for 4 years. It started out in that year (November).
approximately 2017. - Ghost picture submitted by JP


I was staying at the Excalibur with my girlfriends about 8 years ago or so. As we were making our way out to enjoy our last day on the strip, I wanted to capture the casino floor with my disposable camera.
At the time, the general public was not allowed to take pictures inside the casinos, so at the possible risk of loosing my camera I decided I would take a quick picture of my girlfriends walking through the main floor.
At the point of taking the picture, I remember feeling extremely cold, unusually cold so I looked up to the ceiling to see if I was standing under a vent but there was nothing there. I also started to have a hard time catching my breath.

It was the strangest thing! Now this all happened within a span of seconds but I remember it well. Later that evening before ending our trip on the Vegas strip we all decided to get our film developed so that we could view and share them right away.
As we viewed the film, I saw the picture with a white mass and immediately disregarded it as a mis-print. However, in the car back to my friends house I took a closer look and noticed it was the picture of the casino I took earlier in the day with the strange happenings.
If you look at the picture closely, it almost looks like the image or ectoplasm (ghost) is ushering me to go by. I'll never really know what happened or if this is a real ghost but I find it all very fascinating.

Btw... My girlfriends still think it's a mis-print.
approximately 2008. - Ghost picture submitted by Kathleen

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My boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll at Foxridge Park. I decided to take a picture of the park far away and right by the bright light (where the bathrooms are by the swing set) in the background, I guess you would call it a supercharged orb was there.
It looks like it wanted to go in one direction and decided to turn around.
approximately 2007. - Ghost picture submitted by Olivia

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