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Visited the Mackay Mansion in Virginia City. Didn't notice anything strange until we looked at the pictures on the computer. Looks like a small boy's face behind a chair, and two other demonic faces in the background, one behind and one to the right. Thought it was a reflection but still not sure. Any thoughts?. - Ghost picture submitted by Joe

Comment by Gerald:
Lived in Lancaster VA and I have seen a lot of stuff there just like this pic, and it's not a shadow. I can tell everything in all the pictures and need a person who could help in something also, if you are reading this leave a number or email address too contact please.

Comment by Mid Valley Research:
I don't know. If you look to the upper left hand corner of the window it almost looks like light glare or a double exposed. It's interesting.

Comment by Observer:
Geez! I see lots of faces in the glass of that window.

Comment by Julia:
This is a good picture! I visited the Murtle Plantation is Louisiana and got pictures just like this. Good job!.

Comment by Lu:
Looks like the ventriloquist doll Slappy from Goose Bumps, haha. Now if the doll was put there, I don't know, doesn't look photoshopped, but nonetheless nice catch!.

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We are the on site property managers for the haunted St. Mary Louise hospital, now known as St. Mary's art center. This historic property in Virginia City, NV is quickly becoming a hot spot for ghost hunters.
At 14,000 square feet, four stories tall and resting on 5 1/2 acres of active land, the old hospital staff continue to loyally perform their duties of the day. The building was commissioned by Bishop Manogue from St. Mary's church in Virginia City, NV, 135 years ago this year.
The staff consisted of 6-7 sisters who resided in the attic and attended to the patients in the old public wards as well as the private rooms.

These sisters were known as the Daughters of Charity. The first patient was admitted on March 14, 1876 for paralysis. On site property managers who have also been investigating the paranormal for the last 6 years, experience unusual phenomena on a daily basis.
Day or night, the spirits do not have a preference. Sounds such as heavy boots, walking the halls and stairs, rolling of carts and gurney's (on hard wood however, the above floors are carpeted) , marbles rolling on the wooden floors, ladies conversing down hallways or in other rooms, shadow figures have been seen regularly (even during the day) , class A EVP's have been captured, phantom smells of rubbing alcohol, vomit, vapo rub, sterile scents, flowers, pipe tobacco, etc.
Have also been lurking the hallways and rooms. Several impressive photographs have been captured by many tourists without any explanation. Batteries have a tendency to go dead really quickly in certain rooms and light anomalies as bright as a flashlight have been captured on film (and no, it was not a flashlight).

Full body apparitions have been seen by the property manager inside the building as well as on the front lawn. This historic building is now an art center with 5 art galleries. 15 guest rooms are available as well with 5 communal, modernized restrooms (there are no restrooms in the guest rooms) , 2 kitchens with refrigerators and microwaves.
Have a haunted birthday party, paranormal wedding, etc. Here at the old hospital:) group rentals are the best way to go however, on occasion we are able to rent guest rooms out to couples. Private 2 hour guided ghost tours are available by appointment only.
The cost is $25 per person and our property managers will walk you through the building utilizing some of their equipment, provide some history of the building and then let you explore on your own or with them.

The property managers will always be on hand as they stay in the building during the tour. For more information on booking a guided ghost tour of the old hospital, please email us at booksmac@att.
Net. Please email us at for more information. . - Ghost picture submitted by Angela

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Hotel, Virginia City. When my wife myself and my brother stayed over night at the hotel about 11. 43 pm I kept hearing a scratching noise then I would hear a very light knocking at the door. Then it was like someone running down the hall.
I thought it was some kids playing in the hall so I told my wife watch this I'm going to scare them, we kind of started to snicker so as quietly as I could I made my way over to the door I look over at my wife, I thought we kind of blown it because I was almost to the door, and then it stopped but then it started to get louder it sounded like they were just outside the door.
Then I burst open the door and there was one there. I looked up and down the hall thinking to myself man those kids are fast! I closed the door just as I was half way back to bed it started again so I ran over and flung the door open, I ran out in the hall no one? I ran over to the stairs look up look down nothing my brother was staying in the next room over knocked on his door asked him if he heard or seen anything he said no just your knock, I went back to my room to tell my wife to turn on our grms radio I took the other one in to Gary's room I told my wife, if you hear it again to whisper when calling me because we're going to get them.

I picked up our camera because I really wanted to scare the living hell out of them. So my brother and I went to his room to wait not 20 seconds went by when my wife called on the radio to say that they were back so my brother went out first (he is a cop) to snap their picture.
My wife came bursting out, I came out no one there all I remembered was my brother saying holy ---- it's a ghost. - Ghost picture submitted by Cal

Comment by Rick Mid Valley:
Were you in room 13? I had the exact same experience only when I heard the knock the second time I said knock it off without opening the door and heard someone or something stomp down the hall and slam a door.
When I opened the door and walked into the hall the room where I heard the door slam was open and there was no one inside or outside any of the rooms and it was completely silent. This was at 6 am.

Comment by Sam:
Was this the Silver Queen?.

Comment by Jenni:
That's my uncle's picture..

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