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A couple years back here in Salina, Utah my father was taking pictures for the 4th of July, he took pictures of fire works, relatives, and people crossing the road. When my dad's camera got to full with the pictures he went back inside and uploaded them onto his computer, and stumbled across a photo that looked like a man or maybe even a woman, he zoomed in and saw that it was neither, he saw that it was a misty figure just standing there and he told me to come and look at it and saw exactly what he saw.
From that day forth I knew that my house was haunted. The day after the 4th of July I went outside to see what my dogs were doing, they were barking at nothing but the wind. I knelt down and looked towards what they were looking at and saw a misty figure swaying back an forth and I knew it wasn't smoke from a firework because smoke doesn't make human forms.
I stood back up and ran inside as well as the dogs, I looked back and the misty figure was gone. Ever since then I have been seeing things out of the ordinary and I have even been touched by someone who was not there.

In my point of view I say that my home is haunted. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by Jefe:
Could possibly be 2 figures. One in front.. Which appears to have a collared shirt and the figure on the right which you can see a partial facial profile.

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