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Well, I've lived in Auberry all my life. When I was around 11 me and my friends had this Ouija board just messing around with it. Not a good idea. It had spelled ''weedle'' on it. He was saying, well showing us on the board that he was an Indian that died several years ago.
He said he used to live in Auberry. Went to Sierra high and everything. The next morning my friend had scratches all over her legs. We threw the Ouija board away because it was doing these weird thing to us.
But there still was crazy stuff going on. So a year later we moved to a different house in Auberry. And now I'm 14. This is no joke! I was sleeping one night in my bed watching TV. So I was tired I turned it off and almost fell asleep when I feel something sit on my leg and we have dogs so I just think it's one of my dogs not worried at all I reach over to pet one of em and nothings there just nothing.

So I'm really freaked out now. I kick the covers off and at the edge of my bed this Indian face I could hardly see it but it was clear and he had huge eyes with ripped clothes. And I smelt something mildew and moist.
After that while after that I was taking pictures  and saw white orbs all over me. This is the pic -----). - Ghost picture submitted by Savanna

Comment by Carlos:
The orbs are just dust particles reflecting the cameras flash. Now the foggy looking thing above the girl is unexplainable. Could be the Indians spirit.

Comment by James:
We live in Oakhurst and this whole mtn area is full of ghosts and spirits. Long history up here of people dying.

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