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From 1968-1969 my family lived on Tannen Way at Beale AFB. I was five or six years old in Kindergarten at Lone Tree Elementary. Our house was the second from the end of Tannen Way, near Echo Way, on the side of Tannen Way that was closest to Lone Tree Elementary. It was in the middle of the night. I woke up and went into my older brother's room (he was eight years older than me) and crawled in bed with him. I never do this and never did since. I have no idea why I did that that night. We had our backs to each other. He was facing the wall, and I was facing the door to his room.

Across the door and hallway was the bathroom. The bathroom window shined light from the front door and porch directly across the hallway I just walked through. I had closed my eyes for a few seconds. Then I opened my eyes for some reason. I saw the outline of a very big figure in the hallway just standing there looking at me. It was a big triangular mass, much bigger than my skinny father, and the light from the bathroom window highlighted its outer shape perfectly. I was frozen with fear and could hardly breathe. I couldn't take my eyes of this thing just standing there.

With my right hand I reached back and started pinching my brother in the back as hard as I could. I whispered, ''Howard. Howard! HOW WARD!!'' But, he would not wake up. I started to panic and didn't know what else to do. The damn figure just stood there like it was staring at me. It didn't move a bit. The glow from the front porch light shining through the bathroom light perfectly outlined the mass of this creature.

Finally, I just closed my eyes and said to myself, ''Please, just go away. Please go away. Please go away. '' When I opened my eyes it was gone. I knew it was gone, and I was safe, not sure how and why I felt this way. At that moment I felt safe and was able to fall asleep for the night. Throughout the years (I'm 52 now) I often think about that experience. I know I wasn't dreaming. I was wide awake. The details are still as clear as day to me.

Years later my retired Air Force father and younger brother went back to Beale and took a picture of the house. Now, nobody else in my family ever said they had any paranormal experiences in this house. I don't know why they went back to take a picture of the house other than my little brother telling me my dad knew they were going to tear down the house, and nobody lived in it anymore. The picture is just like I remember the house, of course back then it had a nicer (military gray) paint job.

The carport, driveway facing you is the kitchen window, and to the right is the front door. You can see the one step up leading the front door (not visible, facing the carport. ) Along the same side of the house facing the carport are a few windows. The 2 small windows are bathroom windows. The one near the front door is the one that shined the light across the hallway. The second little window and bigger window were the master bedroom bathroom and the master bedroom itself. My room was on the same end of the house as the master bedroom, the big window facing you as you look at the house. And, Howard's bedroom (no visible) was directly across the hall from the bathroom and window.

I often wondered if Beale AFB was built on Native American land or burial ground. The figure I saw was not human. It was too big and was not shaped like a human. I search the internet from time to time to see if I can find anything about Beale AFB before it was an AFB, but I have never found any info. I also looked to see if this house on Tannen Way is ever posted elsewhere on the internet with a story of strange happenings associated with it. I have never found anything related to that either.

In 1970 my dad was stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany and we had to leave Beale. Close to the day we left, I remember going to the opposite side of the house from the carport, to the exterior wall where Howard's bedroom was, near his window. A six-year-old already sad for having to move, you'd think I'd be happy to leave. But, just like that moment when the entity was gone and I knew all was safe and back to normal. That is how I remember that house. Aside from those few short minutes that scared me like I never felt scared before. I loved that house. I looked both ways to see if anybody was around that could see me. Nobody was around. So, I walked up to the side of the house and kissed the exterior wall. I said to the house, ''Goodbye, house. I'll miss you. ''

I saw today what looks to be duplexes on Tannen Way now, 10/10/2015. So, my dad was right. They did tear down the old houses on Tannen Way and put up duplexes.

Hey, thanks for letting me share. Feel free to share my story. Also, thanks for the website and the one place regarding Beale AFB others would understand. . - Ghost picture submitted by Tim

Comment by Suze:
Thanks for sharing Tim! I lived at Nas Lemoore back in the 70s. One night my husband and I stayed up late talking to my brother and his wife who were in town visiting. All at once we heard what sounded like troops running around our house. Having been on military bases we were all familiar with this sound. We jumped up to check it out, even opening the door. There was no one there.

We were spooked. Later I heard from others on the base that it was haunted by men and women who had died in Vietnam. They had left there families there before going to war, and when they died their spirits returned there. This made me really sad especially because I had a cousin who was a marine and was killed in Vietnam at the ripe old age of 19.

Comment by anonymous:
Hi Suze : ) Thanks for commenting. My father was a marine in Vietnam. He re-enlisted into the Air Force after getting out of the marines because he could not find a job upon leaving the marines. I truly appreciate you sharing your experience. It makes me not feel like I was alone in this. The concept that the hauntings were related to Vietnam fatalities makes some sense. I know something was there because to this day I remember so clearly. That kind of experience just doesn't fade away. Take care of yourself.

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