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A few months ago two friends of mine went up to the Oak Tree to hang out. While they were up there it started to get dark so they turned on the headlights of the car. If anyone knows where the oak tree is they know how dark the night can be.
When the lights came on she noticed a blue light behind the wall they were facing. She thought it was odd because she had no idea where this light was coming from. She decided to take a picture of the blue light, and when she did this is what came up on her screen.
She thought she saw a figure of several people but wasn't sure. She sent me this picture and I enlarged it. This is what came about it. Can anyone tell me what they see?. - Ghost picture submitted by Antoinette

Comment by Jackie:
Picture too blurry.

Comment by Josh:
Super creepy. I see a person in the middle looks like wearing a black shirt that looks like it was staring directly at the camera. I see a possible second person or graffiti? I don't know, but if it's a person, it doesn't have a head.

Comment by Dee:
I see different images. Atrojan like painting to the left. Strange paintings on the wall. In the middle is the figure of a woman in blue jeans and dark shirt or jacket with long black hair sitting on a chair. Really creepy.

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