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Okay, so me and my best friends went crawdad fishing at the Civic Center Pond. I was taking pictures of cool things, like the baby ducks in the pond, our catches and what not. I love photography, and I like capturing what I see.
Well, me and my friends were the only ones in the pond area, next to some homeless people sleeping behind us. I remember this because it was fairly early in the morning, and I was joking around with my buds saying we were alone in a park with numerous hobos.
Anyways, I was snapping pictures and decided to take a picture of the fountain. It was a beautiful shot, so I posted it on my myspace. It wasn't until I looked it over on myspace that I noticed a female apparition in a white sleeveless gown seeming to wave at me from across the pond.

As I said, there was no one in the park, except for homeless people sleeping hundreds of yards behind us. It was truly a cool find. I isolated it and cropped it for you guys. Feedback would be appreciated. . - Ghost picture submitted by Ellie

Comment by This:
There's a grave placed under a tree near the library there. I forget her name but she died a long time ago. I've never heard sittings of her but most logically it would be her.

Comment by West coast ghost:
Well you see there used to be a WW2 community with a bowling alley, a shopping center, an Elementary school (which was the adult school) , and houses, all for the soldiers families while they were either fighting in the Pacific theater of WW2 or training at Fairfield-Suisun Army Air Base which is now Travis AFB.

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