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When I was 12 we moved to Huntington Park in 2012 at Florence Ave and Rita Street because my mom got a new job at a store. The apartment was the 2nd floor of the store, so we were there every day, and I would hear footsteps in the night. My mom thought someone came in to rob, but when we checked there was no sight of anyone. I've seen faces on a door of downstairs. I thought I was crazy! I told my mom, and she didn't see anything, so I took a picture. You can see all the faces that I saw. My mom is worried, but we are still living there.

Because I was scared to be in the store and upstairs, so surprisingly I stayed in the basement. It was a huge basement, and no one can hear what you do. I would blast music, and no one could hear. One day as I was playing with my cats, I noticed they were all staring at the dark room. I knew I wouldn't want to look, but I did. I turned and there I saw a tall white figure (taller than me! And I'm 5'9!) that walked past by in the entrance of the room. I got up and went to the store. I was pail white, and my hairs were all up. I was frightened to even go to the building.

Later I found out it's a very old building. Before it was turned into a store it was a sewing shop. I heard they were the best, but it was mysteriously closed down, and no one knew why. Now in 2014 we moved to Bandera and 92nd Streets, and I think I got paranoid or something, but I feel someone is watching me. One day I walked into my room, and I saw a black shadow lying on my bed, but it looked like a girl. I told my sister, and she said she saw something in the kitchen, but it was a white shadow, and my mom thinks it's haunted too. I feel we are the haunted ones.

Also where I grew up was in 51st and Hooper Streets across from Hooper Elementary, (that was built on a cemetery) and I would always be in my room because I hated going out. When I would be home alone I would need to leave all the lights on and the door closed because I would see something in the hall way. I would feel like there were two guys watching me. I tried to ignore it because I was so imaginative, and I thought I was making it up. - Ghost picture submitted by Jake

Comment by Wera:
As far as I know yes this place is haunted as the travel lodge.

Comment by Ramon:
92 and Bandera I used to hang there with a friend from that block. A lot of things went on on those Streets, I mean.

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