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I've lived in Lake Arrowhead for 17 years. My small A-frame cabin from the 1920s has few neighbors around; most are vacation homes. You might say my house is off by itself where I lived with my two dogs.

One night I had been in my kitchen making dinner. When you enter the kitchen it's long and narrow with a window above the sink at the end. The kitchen window had a half cafe curtain on it. One dog was inside, the other out on the porch about 20 feet from my kitchen window, where no one could get from outside without going through the fenced yard and passing the dog, a large German Shepherd.

After I finished making dinner, I took it upstairs to eat at my computer when the indoor dog started growling then barking wildly at something in the kitchen. He's part pit and Akita and doesn't scare easily, but whatever he saw got the fur up on his back and made him pee the floor.

I went downstairs and said ''WHAT? What?'' I walked into the kitchen to show him nothing was there. I had my back to the window and called him over. He wouldn't step foot in that kitchen; he just growled and snarled. I bribed him with a piece of food, but now he was barking and growling at me! I instantly thought something is in here. (This area is known for odd things happening. )

I ran upstairs and got my camera then back to the kitchen. He continued barking at the kitchen the whole time. I snapped about 9 pictures from the living room. Nothing showed up in any of them but one, and I am posting the close up of it.

The shape of a transparent creepy man's face looking in over the top of the curtain appeared in the picture. My heart froze. How could anyone get into the fenced yard and that close to the house with the dog outside unaware of them? Answer... No one could.

The outside dog stood calm on the porch outside wondering what was going on inside. My dog eventually stopped barking and calmed down. Then moments later came in the kitchen like nothing had happened. That is not the first creepy thing that happened in that area.... But the first I caught on film. - Ghost picture submitted by Maggie

Comment by Bokaba:
Interesting picture but I think it's not something outside but rather a reflection of the creases in the curtains on the other side of the wall. The longer I look I can see other faces in the window but it is the same effect.

Comment by Sam:
To Bokaba: Seriously! Creases? It is a face! It's a demonic spirit!.

Comment by anonymous:
The nose is the outward crease in the curtain and the eyes are the outward creases in the valence on top of the curtain. It is a repeated pattern all the way down to the end.

Comment by Anonymous:
I have to say in situations like these it is best to not let yourself believe it is something ''demonic'' or even there at all... Because if it really is there it will feed off of your fear and it will grow in strength and stick around because it knows you know it is there.
If instead you just decide to believe that it is an utterly random and insignificant trick of the light, and nothing more (which it very well may be) then you not only save yourself a lot of anxiety and fear but you also ignore anything that might be there and that will make it go away because there is nothing fun about being ignored.
The dog may have just been being a weird dog. Who knows what the dog was thinking. It's best to think that way so that you don't give life or energy to things that should not be given life or energy.

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