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It was 5 am on Sunday morning a few days ago. I was laying on a chase lounge in the living room of my friend's house. I picked the phone up that was next to me and the camera was on. I then decide to take a picture of myself in the huge mirror directly to my side.
After I took the pic I noticed that their were two objects to each side of me. I looked and there wasn't anything that was there. I turn white and cold and began to shake a bit. I realized that it was a ghost.
I never thought I would believe in ghost and that I would have a run-in with one. It's very freaky to me and my friend still thinks I created this image. I didn't. It's all real. - Ghost picture submitted by Brian

       Categories: home, phone, mirror

Now this is a picture of a bedroom that appears to have a couple of places on the pillows that look like that there's two spirits looks like there sleeping there take a close look you can see the head shadows. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by Ellie:
Is this a used mattress you bought? Did someone die in that house or room?? Those are reasons why stuff like that could happen. Dead people don't get pleasure in a fluffy bed like living people do.

       Categories: shadows, spirits

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