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My wife and I were visiting on July 4th weekend 2005, from Austin, TX. We were in WWII Veterans Memorial Park taking pictures. About a year later while looking back through photos we noticed this picture.
Upper middle of picture has the image of a face in a light purplish haze. There were no other people in the park at the time so it couldn't be someone's reflection. Saw this site today and wanted to send in this photo so others could check it out. - Ghost picture submitted by R

Comment by Marie:
Wow! Now that is one of the best images I've seen!.

Comment by Ja:
Wow, you can see a face in the bottom purple haze.

Comment by Blahblah:
This is pareidolia. In other words our brains are making a face out of what is really just light reflecting off the lens. Being an amateur filmmaker, I can tell you that is very common. If you took 100 photos, I'm pretty sure you could find a face in 90 of them. I'm not saying that it's not possible that it's paranormal, but I could say with very strong faith that this is simply just pareidolia.

Comment by Anonymous:
I don't see the face, but those are some impressive spirit orbs you captured!!.

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