Maywood, California Ghost Pictures

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Ghost picture from Maywood, California. Cloudy silhouette of a ghostly figure. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by JGH:
I see the cloudy silhouette in your picture. Could you please give us some details on this though. Not much to go on if you don't tell us anything about this.

Comment by S:
I see it.

Comment by anonymous:
Maybe a demon. Be careful!.

Comment by Observer:
I see a face looking down at you from the left of the photo. This is a demon.

Comment by Tamtam:
I knew it was something evil, the whole time it felt like the devil staring me down, it was a weird night.

Comment by Anonymous:
Wow. I see it now. At first I thought the face in the left corner of the photo was a real person. It even looks like she has long hair and one eye visible staring straight into the camera. Then I realized hair would not be blowing in the air around her the way the hair is doing.
And then I noticed there is no eyebrow above the eye. And then I noticed the eye strangely ends before the temple area of the side of the face. And then I noticed the hairline area on the top of the forehead doesn't look real.
And then I realized that isn't really a human being in the photo. Wow. If that's just a trick of the light that is one amazing random creepy trick of the light.

Comment by Anonymous:
Ok no there is a person taking a selfie who only got part of yourself. At first I thought I saw nothing but then I thought there was a dark tall shadow next to the girl with a slight face at top. Then as I was reading comment I was looking for a demon to the left.
But I actually think I see a soldier facing the girl on the right side. He has a helmet on. Does anyone else see what I see?.

Comment by Sense:
Cannot give exact address for respect of tenant/owner privacy. Is this house located on Pine Avenue in Maywood?.

Comment by Liz:
That's crazy. That happens here at my house too. I stay on Prospect and 61. That's the reason why I'm googling.


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