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About two years ago me and my family along with my grandma and uncle moved into a Moreno Valley house . Before moving in owner refused to give us a tour of the home, we ended up renting the house because it was such a good price we couldn't let go of.
We have had many weird things happen in the home such as hearing voices, feeling like something was always watching us. We would always hear footsteps coming from the master bedroom when no one was upstairs.
Even our dog began to act very strange even to the point the dog wouldn't go in my room which was weird. I and anyone else who came over agreed that my room was very creepy and they felt the presence of something else.

We ended up moving because things got very bad living in that house. Not all of us moved at the same time. I am very curious of the history of the land that house was built on . I have a picture to prove there was something there in that house and there is no denying it.
A picture is worth a thousand words. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by Susan:
What exactly is it that you believe is paranormal in this picture?.

Comment by Sherry:
What are we supposed to see?.

Comment by Josh:
Your house is the house that Susan Lewis and Jamie Skipper lived in. It was showcased on Paranormal Witness.

Comment by Billy:
I hope you and family have found some semblance of peace. That type of supernatural activity can destroy families and lives.

Comment by Korey:
I see a face in the upper left corner of the inside of the closet.

Comment by Noname:
It wasn't a poltergeist if the activity remains at the house. A poltergeist follows the person whoever causes the activity. It was just a bad haunting.

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