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A friend of mine and his girlfriend saw the ghost a few nights ago this Nov of 2015. You can hardly see her, but she's behind the bush. Between 3:30-4:30 am. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

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This is a picture of the Port Costa ghost on Mc Ewen Road between 3:30 and 4:30. I have seen her many time and she is real. Do not go to the school, I have never heard of anything there and obviously the towns people do not want you to go there and I think you should respect their wishes.
In the picture you see the bottom half of the girl and her dog. Notice the angle of her feet. She is floating. I hope this will prove, beyond all reasonable doubt, that she exists. - Ghost picture submitted by Colin

Comment by Danielle:
I've seen her.

Comment by Carina:
Never saw her but I've been down that road a few times. In the restaurant down there and stuff.

Comment by Jefe:
You can see other faces in this pic if you zoom in.. Including which appears to be a boy in red at the bottom of the pic.

Comment by LH:
I would like to put on the record that I grew up in one of the two houses on McEwen Road from 1988-2005. The ''ghost lady'' is actually a living person, my mom. She is alive and well and has since moved out of the house due to the unsafe conditions of people ghost hunting and throwing rocks, bottles, and other heavy objects at her. The dog is a black and white Border Collie named Zack who has since passed. I find any account claiming this as a real ghost to be preposterous. She simply enjoyed running early in the morning before taking care of her family during the day. The fact this has even made it to Wikipedia is absurd. .

Comment by Fr:
I can vouch for seeing this spirit me, and three friends decided to go check out what everyone was talking about and drove into Port Costa, but on the way there we didn't see anything. Around 3:55 a.m. we decided we needed to get home and started driving back towards the freeway.

The roads are very curvy, so we drove the speed limit the whole way back. Unfortunately coming past a bend on the same road leading to the freeway, me and my friends felt a cold sensation. As soon as we came upon that bend, there was the dog, and the spirit in the red sweatshirt and grey sweatpants and no feet was right there!

We instantly sped off, but I got a quick glance while looking back, and the hoodie was pulled as if the strings were pulled hard to make the face portion scrunch, and there was no face only grey. After that it disappeared back into the field.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by CC


Went to Port Costa School last weekend, got lots of orbs in our pictures, nothing showed up in our EVPs we did. I did have a vision of a little girl with blonde hair and pig tales, she skipped over to me waved and was gone. - Ghost picture submitted by Cc

Comment by Nola:
Omg! The girl with pig tails skips around outside my house; in the front (the sidewalk) and around the side yard! When she skips you can hear her hard dress shoes (we wore in grade school). She giggles and calls for her mommy.
She likes to visit - I have seen and spoken to her twice that I recall but I hear her oft. My house is so haunted that it's not even funny anymore. At 1st it was cool and exciting but if you hear some of the things we've witnessed you wouldn't be smiling...
It might just scare the pants off of some! One day I'll write our experiences! I don't mind talking about it anymore. ~peace.

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