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I lived in a four-bedroom house on Hollyhurst Way in South Sacramento between 2004 and 2007. I shared the house with my sister, her fiancÚ, my girlfriend, and my children. My sister only lived in the house up until late 2005, after that they had moved out. From day one that me and my girlfriend, now wife, had moved in we started experiencing strange and unexplained things. Our first experience was in the kitchen. We had three candle type objects sitting on the back of the stove. My girlfriend, sister's fiancÚ, and I were making dinner, when the three candle objects flew off the stove and almost hit us. My sister's fiancÚ was skeptical because he does not believe in ghosts and tried to come up with some other explanations for why the objects flew off the stove, but could not.

My sister and her fiancÚ would later claim before moving out that they were experiencing visual sightings of an unknown man in the master bedroom where they slept at night. After my sister and fiancÚ moved out in 2005, my girlfriend and I were married. We had moved into the master bedroom. My step-daughter, who was five at the time, was claiming to see a man standing in her bedroom when she was trying to sleep. My eldest son who was three years old was also making the same claims. It was very hard to validate their claims, because we all know how kids can make up stories, especially if one child tells another of scary stories.

By mid 2006, my wife and I started to experience visual sightings of a person walking in the hallway, between the master bedroom and the three additional bedrooms the children used. The visual experiences were quick, and all we would see was maybe a silhouette of a person turning the corner, or going into a bedroom, but never made out a full body or saw any face. This type of experience would be on going for the remainder of the time we were in the house. In 2006, in addition to the ongoing visual experiences of the unknown silhouette in the hallway turning corners and walking into bedrooms, there were two other main experiences that would help us both to decide to leave the house and move.

In the same year, I had bought my newlywed wife a new cellular phone with a camera. I worked at night, so she would frequently call, text, and send photos. One night while working, she had gone to bed after the children had finally fallen asleep. She was playing with her phone while lying in bed and accidently hit the photo button. Her phone was pointed to the end of the bed, the lights were off, and no one was in the room with her. When she looked to delete the accidental photo taken, what she saw really freaked her out. There was an image of a ghostly face, kind of foggy looking. I have never seen a ghost picture like this in real life until now. She showed me later when I got home, and even I felt creepy by it.

The last experience was in 2007, the year we would later move out. My wife and I were arguing in the doorway of the master bedroom. Being newlyweds, our marriage was rocky, so fights were regular. In the hallway were some toys that were left out by the children. As my wife and I were arguing this large toy that children played with was laying next to the door of my step-daughter's room, which was next to the door to the master bedroom. The toy, which was a relatively medium size toy, flew from the floor, up into the air, and across the hallway toward us, and hit the wall. My wife and I needless to say were freaked out. Whatever was in the house, never hurt us, but always made sure that we knew of his presence in some way or another. It was always felt the ghost was that of a man, maybe in his 40s or 50s. We never felt he was bad, but did feel scared anytime something happened. - Ghost picture submitted by J

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