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Taken by a friend of my son's friend. Late at night taken through the Riviera Tunnel. The picture has not been altered in any way was taken with a phone camera and probably some of the most compelling evidence I've ever seen. It speaks for itself. - Ghost picture submitted by Kimberly

Comment by John:
I am a firm believer in the supernatural but I believe that this image may be an optical illusion of some sort. Can you tell us more of the circumstances perhaps?.

Comment by David:
It does appear to be two ghost like beings in the middle of the doorway.

Comment by Rhonda:
I see 3.. 2 in the middle and 3rd on the right.

Comment by Joseph:
I'm inclined to debunk this photo and image with a dose of reality. The ''Riviera Tunnel'' is almost always dry, making it the perfect humble abode for some of the vagrants who come and go through most beach cities.

Up until recently and going back many years, a vagrant bag lady named Mary - who has family in the city and other local cities. She is an adult schizophrenic who cannot coexist with family or the public. She refuses to take her medications and will respond angrily and sometimes violently toward anyone who enters what she has deemed her territory.

Mary has been arrested several times for threatening people with various types of knives; even holding the neck of a champagne bottle as a jagged weapon. I live closer to the tunnel and used to encounter Mary holed up in there. She seems to have disappeared or perhaps her family has been able to place her in an appropriate home.

Sorry to ruin the excitement and conversations, but in order to really investigate the image, the negative needs to be examined or a skilled forensic computer examiner deconstructing the image to basic pixels and looking for the tell-tale the markers left behind by PhotoShop. .

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