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This selfie of my friends late night in the Whaley House. There is no possible for anyone to be in the room behind the glass, and the hallway they stand in had no one else as she reported. They didn't even know there was a figure in the picture until weeks later. Look over his shoulder at the table. - Ghost picture submitted by Dane

Comment by Steve:
What a great capture! Native American man in white shirt and overalls.


Picture from old town. When enlarged you can see a baby's face nestled up then the profile of a man's face. On the other side of the picture I can see an older man with a tired expression with a beard. To the left of him a face of an Indian man.. Then on the far right side there are weird clown joker type of faces. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by Busker:
Sorry man, this is a great photo, and it's similar to other photos I've taken with a noodle shaped light and the other scratchy looking light. But I don't see any faces. Great photo though.

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Hello we are known as Spirit Scout Society. A group of paranormal investigators. On October 30 2013 we went to the El Campo Cemetery in old town to take pictures. We were walking around and I was drawn to this certain gravesite.
I stayed there taking pictures and saw on my camera there were orbs floating above the grave. I thought that was the reason I was feeling the energy. When I blew up the photo on my laptop (in circle to the right) I saw a lady with a long dress..
Looking right at me. Behind her is a tall man with his hand on her shoulder. We were very excited!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Lorraine

Comment by Eva:
Omg -- my husband and I were there last year, and another couple snapped a photo of the wife in front of a gravesite near the front. They showed us the shot that came out. There was a small girl approx. 3-6 year old peeking out at the camera from behind the fencing that surrounds the plot. She had on a long skirt and ruffled pants underneath (It seemed.) She was peeking like she was shy or maybe being a little bit playful. Her head and lower limbs were the most visible. It seemed like she had a sunbonnet on. Her little hand was pretty well-defined and articulated as well. Her mid-section was more or less non-existent / amorphous. You could see through her, but the mid-section was particularly transparent and just kind of looked like mist. This was absolutely the most eerie thing I've ever seen. We were right there when the picture was taken. There were no children around. The wife of the couple who was in the photo became very upset and started crying. My spouse and I still talk about it to this day. I understand this is the same little ghost that tries to hold hands.

Comment by Ingrid:
My husband and I have visited that little cemetery a few times since 2012 when our eldest son moved there so your picture confirms what we have gotten on film ourselves. Wow! I think it is so cool. I could see orbs coming closer to us late one evening so I had our daughter in law to sit down on that bench.
I then told the energy I felt to come closer to her and it was OK she's friendly. So they shyly did. They came from the back right side where a lot of children and teenagers graves are. I always feel them down there.
When we snapped pictures of our daughter in law you can clearly see the odds. It is active there I am always drawn there as if they like visitors. I never feel fearful. My husband has taken pictures of me while following me around without my knowledge snapping pictures and sure enough words following me around.

They are as curios about them as we are of them. We are moving to Ramona in Nov. Can't wait.

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Photo of young boy in the Whaley House courtroom. I took over 100 photos that day and this is the only one that showed any extraordinary evidence. This was taken in 2011. - Ghost picture submitted by Steve

Comment by anonymous:
I do not see a boy, but at the top right is a orb.

Comment by Guest:
Little boy sitting on the floor, knees up, arms proper on knees, and head looking down... Like the child is sad..

Comment by Bokaba:
It is a reflection of the white pitcher on the highly-polished wooden surface.


I have lived in San Diego most of my life and have always had a interest in the paranormal. I have so many personal stories that I could fill a book. This experience is just a sample of things to come. This picture was taken at the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego by a very good friend whose daughter has an inter-link with ghosts ... enjoy?. - Ghost picture submitted by Phillip

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Picture of ''Violet''. - Ghost picture submitted by Marisela

Comment by Busker:
Yikes! It looks like a devil head of a goat or maybe a pig. Creepy! The white fog to the left.

Comment by Busker:
Sorry. To the right.. Resembles a Chupacabra. Well, nobody knows what a Chupacabra looks like. It looks like some kind of animal looking right at you though.


My daughter and I like to go on our outings to old town San Diego often and we have caught pictures of ghosts and the one of the building you kind of have to look on the window panes to see the face of ''the white woman'', this is the pizza place next to the cemetery.
We talked to one of the waiters and they confirmed that there is some sort of entity or presence there based on their own experiences. First of all the owner doesn't like to close alone, and one of the waiters told us that the television went from working to not working and then saw hand prints across the screen.
When he went to get his buddy in the kitchen everything was normal again. We showed him the photo we took and he was in awe. The other picture is of a woman from the Whaley house in old town San Diego.

My daughter took this photo as well it was in the area where Violet killed herself. - Ghost picture submitted by Marisela

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The family and I were having dinner, at the Casa Guadalajara Restaurant in old town San Diego, CA right after dust. I have to say, it was very crowded that evening. I was taking pictures of the family when the weird ghost like images started to, appear in the back ground of these pictures.
Who knows, what the picture were of. I ask some of the workers in the restaurant, if this place had ever been haunted, and they told me that their had been some ghost sightings inside of the restaurant many times.
This is so weird to me, because I have eaten there many times took many pictures, of the outdoors part of the restaurant and never seen a thing in my pictures. As for this, it was my first time, ever eating indoors of the restaurant one evening.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time. One more thing, right before the pictures started appearing many accidents were happening throughout the restaurant. Like drinks dropping, dishes falling off some of the tables and the one that freaked me out the most was a chair falling over at the bar area by it's self. - Ghost picture submitted by George

Comment by Steve:
Wow! You can see the soldier's blue uniform with gold trim, and he's wearing a powdered wig. He's walking to the right, and the white ballerina figure is following him.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by George

Comment by Busker:
Wow! This is impressive. It's like in color. Wow that's actually hair falling over shoulder. The face looks like a skull with eye sockets, period. The light is shining through where the body should be. If this isn't some Photoshop fix, this is very very impressive.

Comment by Egon:
That is clearly someone just walking behind the fat lady when the picture was taken. The motion blur is obvious.


Another picture of El Campo Santo Cemetery of an image. This time it's on the actual tree on the right. Looks like an older woman with big eyes and kind of seems like her arm is half raised. - Ghost picture submitted by Jose

Comment by Jenn:
If you look next to the woman to right you can see a few faces. The seem to be in a circle. One is a man laughing.

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This was while on a ghost tour in old town San Diego at the El Campo Santo Cemetery. As I went into the cemetery I took a picture, in front of the lady to her right you can see a brownish image. Looks like the image of a person with his hand in the coat pocket possibly. - Ghost picture submitted by Jose

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