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Ectoplasm arm reaches down into car and touches my face with its fingers. You can see some of the knuckles on the partial closed hand, pinky to middle finger. Forefinger and thumb are touching nose and chin. This is my profile the left side of my face. I'm wearing a black cap and am sitting in the drivers seat of my car. The passenger window can be seen on the other side of the ghosts arm. I believe it's a female reaching down through the roof of my car. The flash is lighting up and being absorbed into the entities reach. - Ghost picture submitted by Ghostgrrrl626

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A group of us went to 3 haunted spots in the Pasadena area. We first went to the Haunted Forest and didn't see anything. Although, the evening before we vividly saw and heard a person riding a horse. Honestly, it could have been a real person but the rider and horse disappeared. I guess they could have rode off into Lake Ave. Lol..

The second place we went was the Devils Gate Dam. Once again we didn't see anything..

However, we were able to take a pic at our 3rd place!! I was randomly taking pictures of the Colorado Bridge .. Aka Suicide Bridge, and over my friends left should was this image that seems to appear as a decaying skull... My Fiancee was standing in that area; where that image appeared BUT THAT WAS NOT MY FIANCEE'S FACE!!!

Has anyone seen or have any images that resembles mine
-Jay. - Ghost picture submitted by Jay

Comment by Zaul:
Nice find =).

Comment by anonymous:
It looks like the devil.

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