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When I was little my grandparents lived off of Curie Drive. The day after their remodel with the house they invited me and my cousins to spend the night there. They always went to sleep very early and I went to sleep late.
And the house was totally redone so as I was watching TV in the corner of the room I saw a small figure. It was a bright light yet it was a figure and it looked like a new born baby. Soon after I saw it it started to slowly rock back and forth on it's back like it was being cradled. Then I heard a baby start crying and sound as it was in pain or very sad, then I heard the baby get choked off.
After that I heard footsteps in the kitchen and then a very faint voice. I thought it said ''you've been an awful little girl'' but I didn't hear it clearly. Then it was followed by a laugh and I heard their dog yelp and a big crash in the kitchen and a door slam.

I quickly got my grandma up and said someone was in the house. She got up and walked into the kitchen, the kitchen had all of the drawers on the floor and silverware everywhere. She had a lot of fine knick-knacks that were shattered on the floor. All of her mirrors, shattered chairs, tables, and part of the wall were broken and thrown in other places and scratches on the walls. And when we thought it was over we remembered Maddie the dog.
We found her thrown across the floor, alive but hurt. Her tail was severed off and she had scratches on her, above her was written in Native American symbols that represented (get out) and under the symbols were a big selection of symbols that was a story.
I think it was a recap of what happened (why she's dead). It said that her name was ''Abornazine'' witch means ''the keeper of the flame'', she says when she had her baby it turned evil. Her daughter's name was ''Achak'' witch means ''sprit''.

Her daughter killed many people and had gone crazy. She had a thirst for blood, touching it, bathing in it, and drinking it. One day she had walked out of her tipi and killed an Englishman and held her and they had grabbed her in front of her and hanged her when she was 8 years old and burned her after that to make sure she was not a vampire.
Then they severed off the mother's head. Years later I did some research for High School on Native Americans and learned my living area is one of the major Native American tribes and as a child I always went to a little place down the street called Dotties Pond, that's said to be haunted to. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by Renee:
The same exact thing happened to me on thanksgiving day eve. All our Cupboards had literally been ripped from the wall! I even have pictures of all of it. But I'm not sure how to copy them on to the computer since I don't have a scanner.

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