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It started recently and my neighbor was over and we were hanging out and all of a sudden we both heard a crash. But when we went there nothing was there, so we ignored it. Then we went in my room and there were shadows and we got freaked out. Then there were footsteps and then like clampering noise coming closer. We ran to my front door and opened it but then something grabbed her backpack but nothing was there.
We waited with the door open for a little and we heard it at the same time again and we ran out. We both started feeling really sick. She suggested that we take pics of the house because ghost usually come up on camera and something came up.
It was really freaky. Then my window opened and then closed while we were still outside and my light turned on. I had to go inside since my dad doesn't let me hang out without him knowing and he was almost home.

So I went in alone and my phone was at 50% bat and it died. I tried calling my neighbor with my house phone but it said that the house phone was already being used and I was the only one home. I posted a pic so you guys can see.
I live on Inverness Street. Has any of you guys seen stuff there? Oh and my neighbor lives right across from me and her house is also like this, and so is her neighbors house. It's like our houses are in a straight line and our three houses are all haunted. If you guys have seen something then email me at nikkyprasad10 @gmail. com. - Ghost picture submitted by Nikky

Comment by Jossalyn:
Thatīs really cool! Out of my whole family Iīm the only one who believes ghosts are real! Mostly because they have unfinished business and canīt cross over until theyīve completed it.

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