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I stayed at an inn in Santa Paula in about 2006-2007. If I remember correctly it was room 107. I had asked for an ''active'' room and the manager on the premises said this room had activity from a woman.
I experienced things all night long like someone pulling my hand away from the bed until it went totally taut. It happened several times and then I finally said aloud to please stop doing that because it was scaring me and hurting as well.
It stopped after that. Then I awoke peacefully from what I thought was a dream but yet felt real. I could see a woman smiling and bent over me in the bed and I could feel her just holding my hand in a comforting way.

I opened my eyes and it stopped. I then got up in the middle of the night and just started snapping pictures in the dark. This picture that I am sharing is one of those shots. Look against the lower part of the white door and you see something looking at me.
Something with sunken in eye sockets and a bluish glow over it's head/ skull. It was awesome!. - Ghost picture submitted by Dana

Comment by anonymous:
It looks like it has an arm and hand extending toward you too.

Comment by Homer:
Would that have been the inn known as the Santa Paula Inn? That building started out as a mortuary; they processed about 600 deceased people from the flood from the burst Francisquito Dam. Later was abandoned with prostitutes and addicts living there. Was cleaned up and remodeled into a B&B Inn now owned by a nice family.
FYI the history I quote from various sources from the internet.

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