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I work in the building adjacent to Woodbury University on the boarder of Burbank and Sun Valley (off Glenoaks Blvd. ) Woodbury used to be the old Villa Cabrini Catholic girls school back in the 60s and prior to that a convent for nuns. I had always heard of strange activity on that property, but some of my co-workers' experiences within my building peaked my curiosity.

Recently while performing some evening duties on the roof of our building, I decided to take some photos of the old bell tower over at Woodbury University. Within the tower in one of the photos I noticed a white light. I enlarged the photo later, (both included here) and the light does have an eerily shaped image. While probably a trick of the light, it does look like a female figure (sort of like a nun) standing sideways facing towards the left of the tower. - Ghost picture submitted by Brian

Comment by Brian:
Though I never mentioned in the original post I took multiple shots of the tower and adjoining area, but this lighted shape was not in any of the other Bell Tower photos.

Comment by Jessica:
It does look like a nun praying. I've heard about it being haunted as well.

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Hello people, my name is Ricky I live on the border of Sun Valley and North Hollywood by a block. My two-bedroom apartment has been crazy. First I started to see a little girl with white dress and pink string like bow in her hair (it flies behind her when she shows herself.) I also saw an older man who is a cigar smoker every night. When the feeling in the apartment changes shadows come out, and orbs come out sometimes. It's like semi invisible shadows. There was one night me and my girl were in bed and kids in there room in bed. Our front wooden door opens and closes. Just the other day around 3 am a neighbor's toy started to go off like someone was playing with it. The batteries were dead, and the toy was in the pool days before, and the button was messed up. I need help. I want to move and plan to move but don't want to be followed. - Ghost picture submitted by Ricky

Comment by Chris:
Amazing pic, you can see a face when you zoom out. I wish you the best of luck my friend.

Comment by Steven:
Are you still living in the place? A lot of ''orbs'' are nothing more than dust. The doors could be older and lighter which will cause them to open and close with much ease.

Comment by anonymous:
Steven, he describes seeing full body apparitions. Those cannot be explained as simply dust or the wind blowing the doors.

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