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My family and I live in Temecula near the 15 FWY. However, it is a distinct steam train type sound. I have personally heard it many times since we moved here in 2017! My hubby assured me that there's not a train that goes through Temecula. Then by chance my hubby recently heard the train himself, and I no longer feel like I'm on the crazy train! Thank goodness this story is out here! I'm glad that I found it and can confirm that I've felt a strong paranormal sensation ever since we moved to Temecula and there is most definitely a phantom train that runs through Temecula, CA. - Ghost picture submitted by Temecula

Comment by Kaylyn:
You're not the only one! I live in Temecula near Vail Ranch and I often hear a train horn too. It's always during daytime and it sounds pretty close. I hear it maybe once a month or every other month. The mystery of it is driving me nuts - I want to find out what it is!.


Has anyone in Temecula seen anything like this? My 7-year old has drawn this, and this is what she sees in the home... My email is jizo1 @live.com. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

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I live in Crowne hill. I was taking pictures while my son was throwing treats in the air for our dog to catch. You can see a face by my dogs neck if you zoom in. Also my dog is always scratching under our kitchen table at the same spot like he is trying to dig up something. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by anonymous:
It looks to me like it's just a blurred photo that caught your dog in motion.

Comment by Jenny:
I have seen many photos taken on iPhones that came out like this. Unless you just take a picture without your dog and still have the blurred image, it's possibly just the camera. Say out loud ''I am going to take a picture if anyone wants to be photographed.'' Then take photo.

Comment by anonymous:
I know you may or may not want to do this but if you can't debunk your pic maybe dig up under your house in the location your dog scratches at. Maybe you'll find something.

Comment by Anonymous:
I see six faces, two women, and four men. Crazy. They are all lined up to be seen. There is a couple with the guys arm around female on his left.

Comment by Maria:
I definitely see a face. Didn't even have to zoom in.

Comment by Keona:
I see a face all right, and I don't like the vibe.

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Temecula Cemetery ... I was out one night with a friend and decided to go to the cemetery at 2:00 am. I was drinking with a friend and decided to visit my sister that's buried there. So I got there and I couldn't find my sister's grave since it's been over 7 years since I'd been there. I started wondering, taking pictures because I was feeling someone was watching me. I had that back feeling chills down my spine so I went next to a big monument and told my friend to snap some pictures. And sure enough there was a ghostly figure in the back of my shoulder. I didn't notice the ghost till the next day when I was zooming in on my pictures....
Seems to be an old man smiling with a grin, bow tie with black suit!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Oscar

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My family moved here to Temecula in 2004, we live in Verano of Margarita. My husband and I never thought of Temecula as being haunted, we were passing by here from SD and adored this beautiful town so we moved here. One night, shortly after moving here we had just turned off the TV and had settled down to sleep when we heard it, the train. I clearly heard the train whistle, and the chugging sound, I said to my husband ''I didn't know there was a train close by''. He didn't either. The next day I googled it, and found out the following. On August 21, 1882 the first train departed National City Stops would include Temecula, Perris, Lake Elsinore, and finally Colton, where it would eventually meet the line coming from the East. Surveyors were warned by local residents that rainstorms would swell the Santa Margarita creek in Temecula, and potentially wash away the tracks, engineers ignored their warnings. The winter of 1883-1884 was one of the wettest, resulting in a total washout of the tracks through the Temecula canyon, it was rebuilt but it took a year. Frequent washouts and another storm in 1891 Closed the train down by 1935. We have heard it two more times, the last time was about two months ago. - Ghost picture submitted by Hearing things in Temecula

Comment by Anonymous:
I live on the southern outskirts of Escondido California and I sometimes hear train whistles late at night. Escondido has the sprinter but it does not run late at night and the whistles sound like they are either closer than where the sprinter tracks are or they are louder than the sprinter's whistles.
I also remember hearing those whistles before the sprinter even commenced operations. I saw Escondido listed on that schedule so I think that the reason for my experience might be related to yours in Temecula.

Comment by Rob in San Marcos:
Fascinating story about Temecula! I'm interested in historic area railroads. Some large truck horns could sound like trains. However freight trains run along the Escondido-Oceanside Sprinter line overnight and easily heard around here. Too far away for Temecula though...

Comment by B:
That's interesting. This is the first info I've found on trains in the area and I've always had a feeling there was a railroad in this general area because there used to be an old abandoned rusted up steam train that looked totally like an 1800s era one located next to the baseball field of Paloma Valley High School in Menifee.
It sat there for as long as I can remember on a small link of tracks until somebody removed it and restored it completely. They relocated it to a place on the side of the 215 in Menifee then later moved it to a museum in orange county.
I still never found out if where it sat next to Paloma was once where a railroad ran through.

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