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I'm in Tulare. Now one year in March 2016. I do cleansing and blessings of haunted homes. I had my own paranormal team in the southbay area. Now that I'm settled here in Tulare. I will help you with any paranormal or communication with spirits. I'm a medium by gift as well a wiccan high priestess. We did many investigations. If you wish for an interview, please email me at madamstarn @aol. Com . My team is not with me here, but I do all cleansing banishing any spirits that are causing darkness in your life. No job is too hard. Thank you. Blessings. - Ghost picture submitted by Madamstar

Comment by Nina:
Hi my name is Nina. This is for Madame Star. I live in Tulare California . I've had my own experience . Once I was in my bedroom I woke up because I felt someone staring at me; a black floating figure was above me just staring. I couldn't move or run for help. Should I be worried ?.

Comment by Madamdstar:
Hi Nina. If you ever want our team to come a do an investigation we would love to help you. No charge of course. Let me know. In Tulare.

Comment by Madamdstar:
Nina, I would take any chances. Sometimes there is shadow people or demonic mist or shadow watching over people. Some may just linger to wait for an opportunity. If this continues a blessing in your house is needed. I do sage smudging, blessings, and communicate as I'm a medium. Hope I can help you.

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This was taken by my aunt. It was taken at Union High School auditorium. - Ghost picture submitted by Andrea

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