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A couple of friends and I were fishing in Vallejo between Highway 37 and Sonoma Boulevard where there are fish land locked. About 1:00 am my friend decided to take a picture of the moon reflecting off the water. As he was going through the pictures to view the one he just took, he yelled out '' holy fu.. ! Look at this picture.'' We couldn't believe what we were looking at. Now scared, we packed up our gear and got the hell out of there and haven't been back since that night. I believe it was 2003 or 2004. If you look carefully, you can see several skulls as well as the boy ghost. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

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This was take on the 4th floor of the Masonic building in Vallejo, CA. No lights were on at the time. - Ghost picture submitted by Cc

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Taken in a cemetery in Vallejo, CA in the dark. Very interesting photo of a spirit. - Ghost picture submitted by Cc

Comment by anonymous:
It looks like a girl.

Comment by Gee:
I have seen some stuff. I live not far from the 3 Glen Cove cemeteries in Vallejo and often drive by them at night, and 3 times have I seen stuff. Luckily the CHP Dept. is right there also lol.

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One night when the temp dropped my husband grabbed the camera and got this in our Vallejo home. - Ghost picture submitted by Cc

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