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I didn't believe in ghosts for the first twenty years of my life. In fact I thought the idea was rather comical actually. After high school I rented a two-story home in New England with two high school buddies. It was my first real place of my own! After a few months some strange things began happening. Things would move (small things. ) You couldn't find things, or we'd hear footsteps in the attic. That was pretty much it, but after a year we were absolutely convinced there was something else inhabiting this home. As we were preparing to move out, we asked the landlord one day if he knew of any strange occurrences at the house. That was when we found out that a 19-year-old boy had committed suicide in one of the upstairs bedrooms a few months before we moved in.

After that year I realized there were certainly things out there that I didn't understand. Although this home may have been haunted to some degree, it seemed more of a game or entertainment than something evil. Fast forward twenty years, I'm now living in Visalia and renting a three-bedroom home that was built in the early 90s and was fairly modern. The home was located on Monte Verde across from El Diamante. Up until this point I had not experienced any type of paranormal activity since my first experience. After a few months of living in this Visalia home we began to notice doors would open and close on their own, and then the drawers joined in. When you would come home often times kitchen drawers would be open, and doors that were open may be closed and vice versa.

These were nothing big, and I had experienced almost the exact same thing 20 years earlier. However, my sleep patterns began to get messed up. At night I'd feel like I was being watched. I'd have dreams where it felt like I was awake and there were always these two old guys looking down. I began having continuous sleep paralysis which would only disappear when I was not sleeping there! I began to not like this house at all! Ironically, I was the only one in the house that was affected this way. I was not afraid, except to fall asleep, and when I was away I would sleep so peacefully.

Then one evening my stepson came home, and when he went to his room we heard a loud scream and hear he come running down the hallway. He said there was a man sitting on his bed, and then he was gone. (We had not told him about the house yet as they had just moved in recently, and we didn't want to scare him). Well, he definitely knew then! Things continued to escalate that year and culminated with one evening where everyone was in bed, and the house was all locked up tight. My two daughters were at their mom's that week, so it was just the three of us. It was probably around 11:30 at night, and we began hearing rustling out in the kitchen. We heard the drawers opening a closing. We knew no one was in there. From our bedroom we could see down the hall to the kids' bedrooms. We were somewhat used to it, but this situation had turned much different than the last one I experienced.

Things calmed down that evening, and my new wife needed a drink of water, and she got up to go to the kitchen to get a glass. A few seconds later I hear ''honey, you need to come out here now. '' What was obvious was that every single piece of furniture used for sitting was upside down in the entire house! (Not the bedrooms). We were shocked! We could not believe it! I took some photos, turned the furniture back right side up, and went to bed. We had not heard a thing, except a few drawers being opened and closed! And after that brief period it had been silent in the house, and all the doors were open. After that night we never heard nor experienced anything again.

We moved out about four weeks later as we had bought a new home. That was five years ago. I can vividly remember what those two men looked like. They were two elderly men of an older time. They both wore black and were dressed like you would see a priest dressed in a monastery. They both had long beards and old fashioned religious-like hats. I've always wanted to ask whoever bought the property (it went into foreclosure) if they had experienced anything. However, if they hadn't I wouldn't want to tell them any differently. No longer a skeptic. - Ghost picture submitted by No Longer A Skeptic

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I'm going to write multiple entries but this first one is going to be about a ghost story I've only heard of here in Visalia and not one that I've actually seen or experienced myself. OK well there is a supposed ghost of a soldier in the Visalia Cemetery, he's the man who has the white statue in the middle of the cemetery.
It's said that at night if you're in the cemetery or walking near it you can hear gunshots and people yelling and screaming in the distance in the cemetery. I've heard of one of my friends going there with a few others to ''investigate'' this ghost story.
They said they heard the shots and the screams and went to the statue. Once they were leaving they said they heard someone yell something and they all turned to look, and the statue of the soldier was not where it's supposed to be and there's was an all white man walking towards them quickly which is weird because it's completely dark and they all saw the same all white man in the distance.

Needless to say they took off running. Also it's said that the soldier was killed by being shot to death and if you go see his statue the statue has a lot of bullet holes all over it. Maybe there's another reason for them but I know first hand that those bullet holes are all over the statue.
The statue is very tall so either way I don't understand how the bullet holes are going straight through and not at an angle. - Ghost picture submitted by Claudia

Comment by Ramon:
It's the spirit world. When we leave the physical world some go to heaven others to hell and some go to the spirit world and others really die.

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