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This was on Sunset Beach in Watsonville, CA April of 2006. We were the only ones on the beach. It was cold and getting dark. Everyone else had already left the beach except us, and our nieces that took this picture. - Ghost picture submitted by Noe

Comment by Bokaba:
Unless there is another explanation from something outside the picture, the ghostly image is quite good. It is semi-translucent as the waves can be seen through it, and it is blocking enough light to cast a shadow.

Comment by 232:
I think it's a person because you can see their shadow on the sand.

Comment by Observer:
Ghosts don't have shadows!.

       Category: beach

Veteran's memorial building in Watsonville. Many stories have been told over the years that this building is haunted. Stories include a little boy dressed in antiquated clothing running on the show stage.
This includes the mysterious moving of show curtains and the sound of a bouncing ball in the auditorium and stage area. Also, there are stories of mysterious noises and objects falling off the shelves of offices and the sound of feet walking around the second floor with the sounds of cracking balls associated with a pool hall. . - Ghost picture submitted by Geronimo

       Categories: sounds, boys, noises, building, pool

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