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Check out this pic I got from a friend of a friend oberkurt @aol. com. - Ghost picture submitted by Kurt

Comment by Carol:
Ah! A demonic 'ghost' posing (impersonating) a dead person. That's exactly what it is! A fallen angel.

Comment by Kurt:
I should have said my pic is the same house as the pic bellow (I don't see a face in the left upper window) :( -Kurt.


It was Friday April 19 2013 me and 4 of my friends went to the Madison House, it was at 12 am when we got there. We took a picture and in the picture you can see a face in the top left window. Me and my friends went back Tuesday April 23 2013, it was like at 12 pm and we went inside when we got inside I felt something was wrong. We were looking around when we heard a sound coming from upstairs, and the sound was loud like if they dropped something hard on the floor. So we ran out, got in the car and took off. On the picture you have to look really close to see it. - Ghost picture submitted by Pablo

Comment by Julie:
I see more than a face. I see a face at the top and a torso. Maybe arms. Who knows?.

Comment by Lindsey:
I don't see anything in any of the windows because my phone won't brighten my screen any more than what it's maxed at, but I do think I see a shadow person who is standing in the doorway of the first floor entrance. I could just be experiencing pareidolia, but I don't know. Does anyone else also see it?.

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