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Built in 1925, this was originally the Wesley Methodist Hospital. Years later it was acquired by the Sisters of Mercy and renamed The McAuley Hospital. In 1982 it was remodeled and started a new life as the Ken Keyes College. Since then is has changed hands several times and now stands empty and for sale. (City of Coos Bay, Coos County, Oregon). I have heard many stories over the years of the scary things that take place inside. A few years ago, I found out for myself. 3 of my girlfriends and I had to test the theory. We entered and explored everything except the basement. We kept hearing strange noises, as if some one was down there. Naturally we were too scared and left. Before we did, we explored the entire rest of the building. The very top room was the creepiest. Wooden bars on the window of the door, as if it was a prison type room on the roof. Only room on the story. the elevator was stuck between 2 floors and the place was trashed . Written on the wall of one of the rooms was, ''So pretty I had to eat him.'' We explored bathrooms, Shower rooms, bedrooms, a kitchen with the creepiest wall paper ever, and corridors that seemed endless in the dark of night. The entire place smelled of cold metal and dandelions. The whole entire time, I had the creepiest feeling of emptiness. Come to find out later, my father was actually born there. I want to go back in the daytime and check out the basement. Totally a hot spot for our area. - Ghost picture submitted by KO

Comment by Andrew:
I live close by there in Coos Bay Oregon. I always wanted to go inside there and check it out but never got the chance to. I did an essay paper on it in my last year of high school and found a lot about the old hospital.
Maybe someday I will finally get my chance to find out what's really going on in there.

Comment by Kate:
I live in North Bend (right next to Coos Bay) and my brother went in there at night with his friend.. He found a thing that you put bodies in to preserve them. I really want to find out if it's haunted or not.
I can't because I am young and my parent wouldn't let me. But me and my friends are going to find out if it's haunted or not. I hope it is because then we find out why, who, or what is doing the haunting.
I love solving mysteries. It is a very creepy place and I hope that I can explore there someday....

Comment by Andrew:
Maybe we should together. I still live in Coosbay Oregon. I am really interested in that building. Please reply back soon. Thanks.

Comment by Tom:
My friend and I want to go ghost hunting there, anyone else curious?.

Comment by Breanne:
My dad was born here lol. My grandma stayed there for a little bit before and she said she saw nuns walking around the hallways. I went there with my friends before and we just stood outside but it felt like you were being watched by someone inside the building.

Comment by KO:
I am trying to find information on the owner of the building. I would love to take a tour :).

Comment by Lori:
Me and my 4 siblings were born here while growing up in the sixties.

Comment by Guy:
I lived in that building from 1993 to 2001, and I can tell you it is haunted. However, most of the stories you hear from the trespassers who broke into the building are lies. There are no places where bodies were stored, no bars on windows. The room on the top is an old swamp cooler ( old time a/c). The basement of the house part is not haunted. It is a boiler room.

Comment by Homeless:
I was the night watchman of the place this year back in Jan and Feb and I have been in the basement and it was the only safe way inside the building it is very haunted and there is something very wicked living in the boiler room.

Comment by Anthony:
My dad got to go in there back in the 90s.

Comment by Peggy:
My sister and brother in law had a drug and alcohol rehab here in the 90s. It is haunted I remember hearing two children running in the halls and child's laughter. It is a beautiful building for the most part.

Comment by Yvonne:
My sister and her husband lived there when their church owned it. I was there often. It's a very active place. There used to be an old piano in the lobby that liked to play itself and when riding the elevator there were a lot of stops on floors we hadn't pushed a button for. Let's just say I never felt alone.

Comment by Dale:
I was born there July 1961. I now live in upstate N.Y. and would love to take a trip back there and take a walk thru.

Comment by Michelle:
I used to work there in the 1970s. I had a friend who worked there too with me part time on week ends. She was murdered by her boyfriend.

Comment by Saphira:
I have been here for a long time. I would like to go in this building and see what I can come up with. I have all ways had a passion for haunted places in this area.

Comment by Barbara:
I would love to tour this building. I am not afraid. I do believe in ghost but not afraid of them. Please let me know if they ever let tours be done thank you.

Comment by Justin:
Been all up in it at night by myself and nothing. I have been in it a half a dozen times. I'll give tours.

Comment by Elisha:
I had gone in this place and I have a lot of pix. The place is for sure active; you can feel it when you walk in would love to go back someone should have taps or someone go in and check it out some more.

Comment by Mackenzie:
Is it me or if you zoom in on one of the windows you see a little girl in a white gown???.

Comment by Tisha:
I was born in that building during the Columbus day storm in 1962. I would love to learn more about it. I got inside once, and it was crazy energy!!.

Comment by Stacey:
A year ago before this building got broken down I went in and explored everything except the basement and where the main entrance is. That was because me and 2 other friends of mine heard some people talking, and while heading up the stair case we heard two loud bangs. We ran for it and left, and today I wish I got to explore the rest of it. Sadly I did not get to.

Comment by Scott:
The building is now demolished.

Comment by Wendy:
I was born in McCauley Hospital in the mid 1950s. I finally went back to Coos Bay to find it but was told it had been torn down a couple of days before!.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by KO

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. - Ghost picture submitted by KO

       Categories: hospital, abandoned_building

. - Ghost picture submitted by KO

Comment by Dr:
This is a 'Picture' of the Wall Paper that was the 'nursery' 3rd floor! From, June 2011 to March 2012, I was 'Leasing to Purchase' these buildings (3) with 4 floors, there is no basement! Ground Floor to 4th Floor, with some 'small' buildings on the Roof! I created a NonProfit called; 'Walk the Talk' a 501c6, to provide 'low cost' housing and 'high end' housing, plus the wooden building on the east side as a 'Professional' Business Call Center! But, the 'Downtowners just did not get behind the N/P Organization, and City Hall put up every 'Roadblock' that were legal, and questionable to stop the project! In my opinion, plus the 'lessee' wanted more money~ Bummer!
For your Theme; Ghost Sightings, I personally did not see any, but I'm protected by the 'Holy Spirit' and the 'Unholy' cannot attack me! I did feel, Positive Energies, and never felt threatened! That not to be said, other's experienced many other feelings and sighting, plus the Paranormal Group, that investigated the buildings did detect unexplained voices, sounds, and temperature, air density changes, for no reason! This is the Truth to the best of my experiences in the Walls of the Wesley Methodist Hospital (1925).

Comment by Lori:
When I look at the old McAuley Hospital I don't see anything haunted but only a beautiful old building. A building where my sister and I and most of our cousins and friends were born. I can see my grandparents and great grandparents walking the halls as we all entered this world. Just because something is old and run down doesn't mean it's haunted. I wish somebody would fix this place up, but sadly my home town doesn't take care of her old historic buildings that well. .

Comment by Monique:
I was born in McAuley hospital March 1968. I have pictures of me in the hospital.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by KO

Comment by Ko:
These photos were taken in spring of 05'. :).

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. - Ghost picture submitted by KO

Comment by Anon:
When was this photo taken? As this just so happens to be a quote from a Scott Westerfeld novel titled Peeps, about a virus that turns people cannibalistic that was written in 2005.

Comment by Kate:
Notice how there is blue painted over black paint. This had to have been written after that book came out I mean anyone could have wrote it. But then again some creepy things did go on it there.

Comment by Syko:
The place is rumored to be seriously haunted, rumors of a doctor that went mental and killed people and then a psycho woman killed a doc and then hanged herself in the elevator shaft; these are some of the rumors of it.
I have never found any real truth behind it but I have been inside the building numerous times and saw some pretty creepy stuff. I would only list what happened there in private so locate ''syko'' on facebook to hear the stories.
I have been doing research on that place for the last 7 years and my small paranormal investigation team knows a lot about it and have spoken with people that used to live there when it was an apartment complex and people that have been inside it when it was a hospital.

So yeah I am interested in helping to get us the rights to do an overnight lockdown paranormal investigation but I need a new more dedicated team so find me on facebook by looking for ''syko''.

Comment by anonymous:
I live near Coos Bay. Every time I pass that hospital I swear it's haunted. My dad was supposed to be born there but my grandmother was rejected because they thought she might have the flu. It is a seriously creepy building. I'm glad to know that I'm not insane it's actually haunted.

Comment by Kate:
Wow. I'm trying to convince my friend to visit the place with me. She's scared to do so. I really want to go. I bet the hospital is haunted. Ooo I want to go even more now!!.

Comment by Craig:
Who wants to do a investigation here with me, and who else heard screaming in the building randomly.

Comment by Guy:
Picture is from a stairwell going from the back door to the alley into the second floor. It was originally painted by a student of Ken Keyes.

Comment by Kolene:
I went there one night when it was the Ken Keys College with an out-of-town visitor who was a guest there. I was working at the old city hall restaurant, and he came in for dinner. He waited till I got off work, and after a few drinks I gave him a ride to it. and he invited me up to his room.
After we got there he put the make on me and when I said no he tried to assault me. I got away and wandered around for hours trying to find my way out. There seemed to be another person there and there were no lights in the halls and I kept getting more and more lost.
He was following me calling my name and was I relieved when I finally got the heck out of there. This was in 1992 or 93.

Comment by Rhea:
I stayed a few nights in there and can honestly say ''definitely haunted.'' The doors would creak very loudly, open, and then slam shut every night I was there. A little boy giggling and bouncing his ball in the hall on the floor I was on, and there is what seemed like an operating room. Kitchens, bedrooms, the walls were hollow, and you could walk through them, and it would get so cold in there at night. I could barely breath sometimes. I definitely had a great paranormal experience there and have since been obsessed with the building. It is now for sale hmmm.

Comment by Sean:
Been inside the hospital numerous occasions when I was a child and actually stayed there for 2 months 2 years ago. Yes the place is haunted. I was personally attacked twice, and have seen ghosts from everywhere from the roof to the first floor. This place is definitely haunted and anybody that says they feel like it's on it you are not wrong. There's a crazy person on the third floor, there's a shadow figure and a little boy that play on the second floor, and down on the first floor there is something with red eyes that was never human.

Comment by Teresa:
I was born in this hospital in 1956 if anyone has history about the hospital.

Comment by Tiney:
My mom worked there back in the seventies. I would sometimes spend the night there when she worked graveyard. It was the place where the nuns lived. I never felt afraid. The place was beautiful. I'm sure spirits roam the halls as many people died there when it was a hospital. I think the spirits of the nuns protect you as they are holy God. Bless you.

Comment by Mjb:
Went in once with someone else; had to climb on to a pole and jump to reach a 2nd story window ledge in the back left of the building. All I can say is that place is creepy as hell at night. Found the stairway and was like no way am I going down that.

Comment by Dawn:
I feel a strong presences when I drive by... I'm very in tuned to theses things. I want to go so bad. If anyone goes call me please 541 4041617.

Comment by Wen:
I was born in this hospital in 1954. My mother stayed in the hospital for 5 days. She felt cold and asked for an extra blanket but they didn't give her one. They gave it to the woman in the other bed mom believes because the other woman was Catholic.
Interesting to see that is is reputed to be haunted now.

Comment by Paula:
I was born there in 1963. My grandparents lived by the new hospital. I wonder if I have hospital ghosts running around. Get a weird feeling just thinking about being there. Good luck in your ventures!.

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