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The ghost van of Cascade Highway 213, state of Oregon. Little is told of this strange tale in a small town in Oregon and its unique haunting. This involves a phantom vehicle that is both a ghostly and haunted vehicle.
Unlike most stories of such things, this vehicle is neither associated with a previous known accident, nor is it just a vehicle that is itself haunted by a spirit. Yet along with this vehicle is a strange ghost indeed who is just as odd. It is known to suddenly appear out of nowhere at high speed and disappear often in a fog and only appears during rainy nights, usually when few people are driving. As this little known story goes, somewhere along the towns on Highway 213, and started appearing around 1986 or 1990, this phantom vehicle had been appearing, with no explanation or idea and not any apparent pattern other then it usually being rainy and stormy nights when this vehicle appears.

The description of the vehicle is often that of a large 1 ton cargo van that is painted with camouflage colors and has a large deer skull on the grill and what appear to be human skulls on the top of the cab. It is also said to have unusually large tires and a lift like suspension, and yellowish green lights. Some even say lights shine from the skulls. Some have said the vehicle in its way of decoration and style looks like something right out of a horror move and always seems to leave a billowing of fog behind it and beneath it. Also it is said it does not make a sound, but some witnesses report hearing what sounds like heavy metal music playing. The van is usually reported as being covered in a greenish blue haze and seems to have a similar colored fog billowing from beneath and behind it as though it were on fire.

No one knows who or how this ghost could have come to be in the first place. Some think the driver is a demon, or perhaps a spirit of death. Perhaps he is a sort of artificial ghost where all the stories of such things have been believed in so much that this entity and his vehicle have literally been born into being.

There seems to be no real goal of this ghost than a periodic scare and a few interactions, and the stories associated with the ghost van and its driver not only shows a conflicted personality, but moreover, sightings are indeed increasing. It is more than just mere teenage spooky tale fabricated to mess with people, but something else entirely. But how was this tale even discovered in the first place to reveal a complex and seemingly underground lore few talk about so openly? It all started with exploring in my own town at the time some other vague references to a haunted area near or in an abandoned cemetery.

I thought some things could be easily explained. Growls heard from the grave yard and the sounds of women wailing could be some of the local wild cougars, and this made more sense than anything else. Being the less easily convinced that I am by nature I set out to not prove but to disprove ghosts in this place. For a solid month at the early part of summer in 2010 I staked out this cemetery, hid cameras, sound recorders and things of the sort.

In no time and sure enough, I caught my wailing and growling ghost. It was indeed a cougar. But would the local paper publish this? Not a chance, and for two reasons. One, it was not exciting. And two, they did not want to risk anything they wrote might inspire more trespassing through private property or added vandalism.

Though miffed I was fine with the response. After all, at least I got to the bottom of it. Or did I? Going over all the day and night data from a full month of investigation one picture out of 400 digital samples had something new, something out of place. Not having many means but a few little cheap audio recorders and three $20 digital cameras I got used from a garage sale and given a flash drive, I transferred this pic sample to the flash drive till I could get home and expand the image from my desktop computer with the standard Microsoft stuff.

In short I have no fancy image editing software and have no clue how to use any all the same. But that is another story. After stretching the pic out on MS Word the image became clearer. To my excitement and honestly some fear, not to mention the conflict with my disbelief, there was a man, a ghost, passing over one of the vandalized graves, and he did not look at all pleased to see anyone.

In addition the image was taken in the daylight but in an area where it looks dark to the naked eye but lit up in the pictures. It was all around odd. So sure enough I began asking the local library and other sources for pictures of any of the historic people buried in the old Molalla Pioneer Cemetery, and to my surprise, there was actually very little to work from, leaving me to speculate perhaps it was the ghost of Mr. Dibble himself. In addition to this it was this grave over which the image appeared. So I began to wonder. If this ghost is real, and the creepy feeling there was not just my mind playing tricks on myself, what other local ghost stories are there.

Since nothing else was posted I wondered why like so many other towns, that this was the only ghost story. It made no sense, but I soon learned why. Not many people at all like to speak of such things there. About the best you get is about a secret military base somewhere in the boonies, or a secret coven of witches, or what not. Others literally will respond that such things are best not spoken of or they won't say anything at all.

However, over time from living there and working there and becoming a part of the community, some would open up and the story that was among the most spoken was the ghost van of 213. Perhaps this tale is just a tall tale spun from other tall tales woven together from the fabric of other tales that could be gathered from an endless variety of sources, books, magazines, TV, radio and even the internet. But the way it was spun to me truly had some rather interesting and odd old features to say the least such as what this van looks like, and the ghost that drives it, sometimes it's just the van that is seen, sometimes it's just the ghost himself, and sometimes it's both the ghost and the van.

In addition, if you can get someone to talk about it, they do so in hushed voices as though they are afraid, either of ridicule or a belief I found out later even talking about might bring bad luck on someone. What I also found out is that this particular ghost apparently having started out on highway 213 did not stay or only appear there, and often is reported as popping up all over the areas side and back roads, and always in one of two types of weather conditions. Raining or snowing, and in all cases only after sunset, and always gone before sunrise. Nights with lightning storms are said to be times he is the most active of all and the worse the weather, the more likely one is to see the van or the man or both.

One old timer told me him and his kin have a saying about this manifestation along those lines. ''If you see the van, stay off the roads. If you see the man, best to stay home. But if you see both, troubles is a brewing' and it's best not to know. '' I have heard some locals who somewhere between a joke and apparently mixing an urban mythic response say to others ''best you behave, less the ghost van get's you. '' now not many like being on those long dark stretches of road for many good and less supernatural reasons. It's real easy to get into some trouble in these areas, especially at night, and you going up to some farm house as a stranger, well you're likely to be met with a double barrel shot gun pointed at your nose.

One of the stories is this ghost man is a trickster to a factor. Sometimes, just past the intersection where highway 211 and highway 213 cross, on rainy and foggy nights he might pop up with arms wide open, jumping at vehicles to scare drivers and even risk people getting into wrecks or at least cause them to startle enough and run off the road.

Some say he is the same man who shape-shifts into a vampire that has been reported fluttering across Dickey prairie, near Molalla, around midnight and sometimes at the Library Park in Molalla itself. According to various locals, on several occasions state police had a run in with this vehicle and its ghostly driver. One incident is said that the vehicle was traveling at nearly 100 miles an hour down the highway, and starting the chase in a town named Silverton, local law enforcement pursued.

Hoping to cut off the vehicle law enforcement in the next town was called in hopes to both impede the vehicle, but the vehicle itself seemed to increase speed even faster than the type of the van it was could go and was quickly pulling away from the pursuing officers. With the wet conditions not to mention the speed and size of the vehicle, a massive accident was feared to be at hand. The first block was attempted in a town called Marquam. But local police never saw the vehicle pass, but only the police who were approaching from Silverton and the police from Silverton never saw any signs of the van having turned off anywhere.

A short time later, the same vehicle was reported passing at great velocity past the small town of Molalla which excited a new chase and had vanished in the town of Mulion. Once more the vehicle was spotted racing past in Oregon City, but before police could catch up to it, the van had once more vanished. It was once more seen again the same night in Portland. Chasing this particular ghost was not an uncommon occurrence and for the longest time, and state authorities kept a close watch out for this vehicle, for more than a few years even.

This was until odd reports started surfacing about the allusive vehicle. One night having spotted the suspect vehicle in Portland, near the Portland International Airport, the officer approached with caution, and after calling it in, he saw a strange dressed man leaning against the side of it smoking a cigar. The man he thought was some sort of biker or goth or punk based on the clothing. He described the man as stocky in build, about 6'5 to 6'7 in height, about 250, to 260 lbs, apparently the age of a man in his early to mid 30's, wearing a black top hat that had some sort of animal horns protruding from the band, and a skull ornament in between them.

The man also had on biker gloves with studded wrist bands, some silver rings, five earrings in his left ear, one which had a crystal skull pendant, and the rest small looped one, and two looped earrings in his right ear, a long duster like trench coat, long Auburn hair pulled back into a pony tail that hung to the man's lower back with several mid way bands keeping it bound, was completely clean shaved but was scared all over his face and areas where skin could be seen, and his skin was so pale it seemed to glow from the reflection of the street lights. He also is described as having worn a necklace of skull beads with a skull pendant, a studded leather belt with a skull and bones buckle, loose and slightly baggy pants, combat boots and skull shaped chains, like three wallet chains made into one.

Approaching with the flashlight the man put on a pair of shades and did not seem to be the slightest concerned about the officer approaching him. The officer reported to the man to put his hands up where he could see them and to get on the ground. The strange man started laughing and continued to smoke his cigar, which the officer is reported to have described as making the hair on his neck and arms stand up and made him become admittedly nervous, even though he knew another set of officers were going to be there any minute.

But the strange man continued to ignore the officer. As the officer got closer fully ready for a confrontation and was going to make the man comply, he said it was so fast what happened next, his brain could not process it. As he approached the man went from being next to the van to holding the officer by the throat off the ground with one hand and had disarmed the officer. When the strange man smiled he saw he had fangs like something right out of a vampire movie, and that the air around them was so icy could it was like he fell into a frozen river.

The man spoke to him and asked the officer allegedly, ''what can you do against one back from the other world'', at which moment the officer was paralyzed. The strange man then dropped him laughing, and tossed the officer's gun next to him but he could not move. The man then walked towards the van and the driver's side door opened on its own, and fog billowed out from inside and began to envelop him and the man who got inside the vehicle. Then the man called out and said ''why did you call on me, you spoiled my vacation tonight,' and then started laughing again. Then the vehicle came on with the odd lights and without a sound the man closed the door and drove off. Then everything went black. When the officer opened his eyes, the strange man, the vehicle and the fog was gone.

To make things stranger, the officer was inside his own car and his gun was still in the holster and woke just in time for the other officers to arrive on the scene. It is said that shortly after he gave the report, the ridicule he received and the psychological evaluations he received several of, finally pushed this officer to resign. However, it was not long after police were responding to calls with similar descriptions of this strange vehicle, and the driver, often people reporting being chased, their stereos going crazy, and vehicles losing power forcing them off the road, only for the vehicle to pass, often without stopping.

In addition to this, the sightings had not just been in Portland. Every town along Cascade highway 213 has had someone reporting the same mysterious vehicle and driver along this road, and always on raining nights. Witnesses of the strange van have included police, fire crews, area mayors, towns' people and periodically truck drivers and cabs. Only a couple of reports of a vehicle matching or similar in description have been reported by bus drivers. In all cases, witnesses feel a certain level of freight and eeriness whenever the ghost van and its driver are seen. Most who have seen this particular manifestation are reluctant to speak of it in mixed company, and the few who do tend to be visibly nervous, or outright spooked.

Some departments will deny such is true, while a few will admit to at least responding to odd reports on a regular basis. If an officer does admit to it, it is usually off record. After a couple of years (around 2000-2003) , there seemed to be no more reports of this vehicle on Cascade highway 213.

This changed however, and with the same hit and miss occurrence had started up again in 2004, around the Christmas season. Once again the ghost and his strange vehicle were back on Cascade highway 123. However, when looking around, from 2000-2003, the driver and his van seems to have made appearances along several roads of Oregon, from as far away as Ashland, all the way up to Longview, Washington on such roads as 99E and I-5.

Some have claimed that the apparition not only delayed their travels on late stormy nights but because of it, had actually prevented such from being involved in later collisions. Others who have been homeless have claimed this same strange man had brought them blankets and dropped them some money to get something to eat. Others claim they have seen the van stop and pick up other ghosts before disappearing. One of a few reports claim that when passing the van and the driver sitting by the driver's side door was smoking a cigar, that when the lights of their own vehicles hit the van and the driver, the van looked like a stripped old haul and the man looked like a skeleton in the same garb before vanishing.

Others have claimed the van had driven right through them and then when ahead of them disappears in a thick fog bank.

Another report comes from another lady officer who on her off time is part of a gothic scene in Portland Oregon. At one of the clubs she went to she witnessed a man dressed very similar to this driver and did notice his many facial scars, but they were all thin, like he was tortured at some point, but not so bad or thick as to be called disfigured, and said he was rather handsome all the same. She said she felt both attracted to him and yet uncomfortable at the same time, but he seemed to have noticed her. It was not long before she and this man began to talk and she found him pleasant and that he bought her a drink.

Her attraction to him only grew over the course of the evening and he was very seductive, but she did notice his hands were cold and he said he had poor circulation and smirked about it. While they had flirted back and forth they exchanged names and he called himself ''Tanis''. Abruptly, he stood up and looked out the window and said it was time for him to go and before she could say anything he made his way for the door. She decided he was acting odd so she followed him. She says she could not have been more than 10 feet from him and when he went out the door and turned left. As soon as she went outside in the rain, he was gone. There were no side doors or areas he could have gone around to disappear so fast. She herself had not heard of this ghost till another officer told her about him and the van. Though she never saw a vehicle of any kind it since has made her keep an eye for this ''Tanis''. From all reports she was the only one to have gained a name.

Another story that has circulated has never been traced to the original source, but one involves a convenience store robbery. Police are said to have responded to a silent alarm and a grocery clerk was being held up by two men. According to this story another person matching the basic outfit of our ghost seemed to come out of nowhere and confronted the two robbers. One of the robbers told this man to stay back and he laughed at them and continued to approach.

The one robber shot him several times and the man laughed even more like it was a game, which inspired the other robber to start shooting. The clerk took cover when the shooting commenced. Both the robbers screamed and made the clerk all the more frightened and everything went silent. Moments later the police arrived to find the robbers unconscious with empty rounds and shell casings but no bullets in anything else either. The clerk reported what happened but all the video tapes showed were two robbers seeming to shoot at nothing before they simply seemed to faint. When the robbers woke they themselves did not seem to remember anything, or ever having shot their guns.

This story also comes from Portland Oregon. This particular story comes from a person in the military. He and a few of his buddies coming back from their weekend warrior games from a local base went to hang out with family and friends at a nearby bar. They had their designated driver who was stone cold sober as he put it.

When it was getting late and everyone had a good buzz going, they all piled into their friend's truck and he was going to have them crash at his place on a farm right off the highway 213 location. The road at night get's very dark in some spots since it is a farming area. Out of nowhere lights just seemed to kick on and started gaining on them as it started to rain. Pretty soon they were sure the driver was going to hit them as he suddenly speed up right at them and they could see the driver laughing and puffing on a cigar and said they could see his eyes glowing a bright yellowish orange color.

They could also see the Interior of the cab had all sort of weird voodoo like decorations and some sort of beaded curtain, along with the huge deer skull on the grill and the two human skulls on the cab also with light glowing from the eye sockets. It was easy for them to see since they were in the back of the truck without a canopy of any kind. When one of the guys cried out it is the ghost van, it suddenly fell back and the driver made a gesture of disappointment and the van was enveloped in a weird bluish illuminated fog and disappeared in it.

Five minutes later the driver was at the entrance road to his farm house and they all went inside. They all stayed awake for a long time not falling asleep till in the later afternoon. According to him, the subject comes up once in a while, but not often, and when it does most of the jokes include not going driving on a rainy night.

This is supposedly what had happened between Silverton and Marquam. One story has it the ghost van blocked a road one night back in 1996 when there was a particularly nasty snow storm. In this account a doctor with his wife and three kids were heading to Salem from Oregon City to see family and it was already getting dark. After a while of driving they came across a van of this description which freaked the family out, not because they knew the story but the van was just creepy to them, and the driver was not much better.

The van was positioned in a manner as to look like it had slipped in the snow and was now blocking the two lanes. The driver himself was checking the tires and apparently sprinkling cat litter around the tires. Soon after the van started blowing heat from the exhaust and a huge and thick fog that was produced obscured vision and according to the doc it was like the driver was doing this on purpose, so he laid on the horn and kept honking.

Finally he could not see the van so he got out aside from his wife's objections, and to his surprise the van seemed to have already driven off. Soon the fog faded enough they could continue when the snow started falling really heavy again. A short ways up there was a road crew in the process of clearing the road from a fallen tree that was called in anonymously. The doctor learned when asking the approximate time it would take to clear a path for them to continue on that had they not been previously delayed their car could have been under the tree when it fell, and it was tall and large enough to have knocked down some power lines.

Could this ghost van and its driver have intentionally delayed them and who ever came along so they did not get squashed, or was it a person who was very real who dressed in a similar fashion on purpose and simply got stuck themselves? But there is one more part to this story, because the road workers never saw a van make it there, and there were no off roads between the two points, nor did they see the van having circled back to head the other way.

Another story comes from a local of the Molalla area where a person claimed that the van chased him for several miles; his radio was going crazy near Santiam and Molalla, Oregon. The van and its ghostly occupants vanished only moments before a police car showed up and pulled him over for speeding. When he told the cop a camouflage colored van had been chasing him, the officer looked concerned and then told him to drive safe and let him go with a warning. Then the officer allegedly jumped in his car and drove off in a hurry seeming to be talking to dispatch.

The ghost van has in the past been chased by law enforcement officers, along highway 213 and 99E on at least two occasions. The van was clocked at going near 100 miles an hour only to turn a corner and vanish.

But there is an interesting chronology going on here, as if this particular spook is actually evolving, either on his own, or by the various attributes related to him. The first reports of these ghosts started with just the male and his van prior and up to 2003 near Portland. In 2004 he began to appear with anywhere between two and four wolves, all black in color with glowing a cobalt blue eyes, and then by 2006 with the two female apparitions came onto the scene as his companions it seems.

According to more than one source the driver has picked up these two possible help mates, who are generally considered at least companions. These are the two female ghosts that are sometimes seen with him and have been described as being dressed like biker chicks or early 90's goths.

They are said to be very attractive and seem to be about their mid to late 20's. One is said to be a blonde and the other a brunette. It is said that sometimes these two lovely ladies enjoy scaring the hell out of locals from time to time as well. Some say that the brunette will appear covered in blood in a wedding dress. The blonde might be seen carrying her own head. Sometimes both are seen crawling across the road with their lower half missing, or floating around with the same condition. With the arrival especially of these two females, it has progressed so that if and when one happens to see the apparitions, they quickly start feeling extreme cold, become extremely tired, and feel ill for several weeks.

The van and its ghostly occupants are often seen when it is raining, both day and night, with the majority of sightings being between 3 am and 7 am and between 8 pm and 1 am. So far, not one has been killed as a result of the haunting activities.

No one knows for sure who started the names but the ghost man is now recognized by the one story at least as being named ''Tanis,'' though the meaning is not known, and that the names of the two women are Carry for the blonde, and Marry for the brunette, though other names had been suggested. It seems that these names have largely stuck at this point. Then there are the four wolves that are said to each have names because you can see different features about them and what they are named for, all of which are black.

There is ''Grey Paws'', because his paws as grey. Then there is ''White Fang'', because he has one larger left fang that comes down from his mouth. Then there is ''Blind Eye'' because he has no left eye and looks like it was torn out at some point. Finally there is ''Big Wolf'' because he is visibly more muscular and taller, and even thicker than the other three and seems to take an alpha male role.

It is said many times if you hear them howling at the moon or whenever; it is a good sign Tanis, Carry and Marry are all three walking about without the ghost van but that he can summon it at will to himself at any moment and that it never fails him when he calls for it.

When pulling off the road to let it pass it is often said to vanish, some have said to have seen two women passengers waving and giving the devil sign with their tongues stuck out at people before the vehicle fades right before your eyes. On other occasions the radio stations will change and the lights in your own vehicle will begin flickering, and sometimes the vehicle will die and you can't start the car. The van will appear and it becomes very cold, once the van has passed the temperature returns to normal and the car's power will return. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

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