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Had a paranormal investigation at the Mourning Circle of Deltawood's Snoozy Hollow !. - Ghost picture submitted by Karen


Deltawoods Snoozy Hollow is located at the end of M. L. K. ,Inside the circle of cottage style homes one stands out more then the rest, with a large Stonewall and Archway, that is believed to serve as a portal to the other side, there is such high energy that remains here and only continues to get stronger on the night of a Full Moon, with not just one spirit energy but many spirit energies that have come out on film, many orbs and odd mists.
As well as odd experiences that have taken place here, and as it seems that spirit is attracted to this place here, I felt I should give it a name - 'The Mourning Circle ' at TheMourningCircle . Com, or find me at Authork. Ely@ hotmail .com . - Ghost picture submitted by Karen

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About a year ago, I worked as a cook for the D. Tavern downtown. In general, there was a creepy feeling about the place when it was empty. Downstairs where the dry storage and walk-in fridge live used to be a part of the notorious Shanghai tunnels.
In fact, the openings out were just blocked with plywood, but the structure was the same. One busy Friday night, I was separating cans down in the basement and was pretty sure I was alone, as the rest of the staff were working front of the house duties.
I felt a sharp tug on my hair, and thought it was one of the bouncers messing with me or something, but upon inspection found that I was indeed alone downstairs. I finished up real quick that night.

Another evening, I had started to descend a back stairway into the basement, when I felt that eerie feeling that spirits present... I had my camera phone in my pocket so I decided to quickly snap a few shots randomly to see if anything out of the ordinary showed up...
I got lucky... I caught a full apparition peeking out from behind curtains (picture included). I was pretty amazed when I went home and viewed it. I don't think the company that owns the property allows paranormal investigation. - Ghost picture submitted by S

Comment by anonymous:
It's a face of a man.

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My daughter bought a home in Portland across from cemetery, an older home 1909, and the first night there we sleep on floor and I awoke to see a little girl approximately 5-6 years old with blonde hair, and black and white check dress sitting down looking at us sleep (she was focused on our 6 year old sound asleep).
I thought it was a dream and fell back asleep then awoke again to her still sitting and looking at out little one still asleep. I was so confused if I was dreaming or what, next day former owner confirmed ghost but had never seen on heard or felt presence.
Also look at orb in pic taken prior to purchase of the home 2009. - Ghost picture submitted by Aunt

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