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I was outside my house and felt a strong urge of someone standing in front of me, so I took a picture and this is what came out in the photo!. - Ghost picture submitted by Br

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We have lived in our house that we have also renovated for seven years now. The activity in the house is very high. One night I got up to use the bathroom, I saw to my right a man leaning toward me down on one knee. He was just looking at me. I was startled and looked away, after a moment I looked back, and he was gone. My youngest son was in his room picking something up when he noticed someone standing next to him. He only saw the legs because after seeing them he ran in to my room terrified! Those were the only sightings we had, but we had doors slam, crinkling and knocking in the ceiling and walls, as well as things moving.

One morning I was in bed, and my bed started shaking. I have also been touched on my face. There were so many strange things happening, and we were very scared. My youngest son was sleeping in my room at night; he did not want to be alone. I did not want him to know that I was scared too, and I wanted him with me too. I started looking everywhere I could think of for help. A friend told me to contact a woman in Astoria. While I was talking to her she told me she could feel it through the phone. She gave me the number of a woman who is a shaman, and this woman with the help of a psychic was able to shed light on what was going on.

I was told there was a man here in my house, and he was confused and upset. They said he lived here and did not know he was dead and was not happy about all the renovating without his permission. I went to an elderly woman that lived across the street. The lady knew the people who had lived here before us. She said that the man who built this house had died quickly of a heart attack. I asked her what he looked like, and she described to me the man I had seen in the bathroom.

I passed on this information to the shaman woman, and she said that what was happening was that this man did not know he was dead or why we were here and changing his house. She told me to light some white candles, call his name, and explain to him that he died and his wife had to sell the house. A friend came over to do this with me. After I explained everything to him I asked him to do something to let us know he was here. The entry way door that was closed opened and slammed. I still have a hard time believing that this could really happen, but it did! After talking to this man all his activity stopped; I assume he left.

I do have orbs here now. I did not know what they were or why they were here. The first time I noticed one was after I took a photo of my granddaughter, and I could see three. I looked at other photos taken in the house and did find a few with orbs. - Ghost picture submitted by Br

Comment by anonymous:
Wow that's scary.

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